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My initial interest in caring for people derived from a voluntary trip to Romania during my secondary school years in which I had the responsibility of looking after orphans and children with disabilities.

From this point on I knew that a carer in a healthcare profession was for me. I completed a degree in Occupational Therapy and developed skills that I believe are necessary for a nurse to have.

In my opinion it is important to have good communication skills, be caring, empathetic and open-minded and always be aiming to improve.

Whilst training as an occupational therapist, I worked alongside other healthcare practitioners and became increasingly interested in the nursing profession.

I worked with people of all ages with physical, mental and learning disabilities in a variety of different settings and saw the positive effect nurses had on people.

Following completion of my degree I began work as a healthcare assistant. Initially, I wanted to work with children but my job made me realise working with adults was more suited to my personality.

It was at work as a healthcare assistant that I discovered my ability to provide reassurance to residents and family members who were feeling scared and confused. I am very passionate about my job so I do the best possible.

There are times when I find my job intense and exhausting but it allows me to grow as a person and improve as a caring professional.

I want a job that is challenging, that will stretch my limits and constantly make me learn. I am a creative individual, I enjoy painting and photography in my spare time.

I believe a little creativity can go a long way while dealing with certain individuals. It can assist with communication and building rapports with patients and families.

I learned during my three years at university, that if you approach things with hard work and determination, then nothing is impossible.

Completing a degree has prepared me to study in an accelerated environment. I know how to balance my academic workload with placements and to set deadlines for myself to complete my work on time and effectively. I am aware of the significance research plays in improving healthcare and completed a research project in my final year.

This involved a lot of planning,preparation and time management. My dissertation revolved around maintaining dignity and respect in the care of older patients.

It is a topic I feel strongly about and one which I consider everyday at work.

I genuinely enjoy working directly with people and as a nurse I would be in a unique position to interact with people on a daily basis.

To become a nurse would be to live my life doing something I am passionate about. I will bring determination, a willingness to learn and a positive mindset.

I want to do a job that matters to people and I want to be able to add energy and lift the spirits of patients. I am both excited and nervous at the prospect of becoming a nurse and I am more than willing to put all I can into becoming a great one.

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This personal statement was written by Dukey for application in 2014.

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