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Learning disability nursing is a challenging yet rewarding career and I am ready to take this on. Working with adults with support needs has always been a great passion of mine.

From a young age I desired to help and support other people through their lives and my work experience reflects this. I find the devotion of learning disability nurses and support staff inspiring, the ability to assist people throughout their lives and help protect the vulnerable in society is a skill I want to develop and that is one of many reasons why I wish to undertake this course.

I studied Child Development when in secondary school which gave me a clear view into the young lives and education of people with learning disabilities. It helped me understand and my work experience d the qualities and communication skills needed to work with these students. It taught me that it is key to be reliable, trustworthy, able to develop relationships quickly and gain an understanding of the people you're working with so you can support them in the most effective way.

I possess these qualities and feel that over the next 3 years I could develop my knowledge, skills and abilities to become an effective nurse.

I have spent the past year studying BSc Secondary Science (Biology) with QTS. Through this I have been studying Biomedical Sciences and I have realised that I have a clear interest in the medical profession and treatment roles needed to support the NHS. It has allowed me to understand that my desire goes beyond theoretical science and stretches into wanting to support people through application of knowledge.

My extensive work experience with people who have learning disabilities will help me with nursing since it vital to understand the types of people you may be working with and knowing effective approaches to get you started. I have worked with adults, children and toddlers who have support needs in a variety of settings including day services and nurseries/schools.

This has allowed me to see how the social care system supports people at various stages of their lives and how we, as learning disability nurses, help bridge the changes that people will experience. Through my work experience I have completed first aid and safeguarding training and even learnt basic sign language to help me be the best support assistant I can.

A key part of being a learning disability nurse is understanding that people with support needs may experience additional barriers to accessing health and medical care, and subsequently receiving treatment. Some of these challenges include but are not limited to communication abilities; associated physical disabilities and capacity. Communication difficulties are a big issue to overcome with people who have learning disabilities.

This is because some people cannot effectively communicate the location or severity of pain and if they do not have someone to advocate for them this can become even harder. This can lead to an inability to diagnose conditions and give the correct treatments.

To overcome this, it is important to get to know the people you work with so that you understand how they communicate. It is also important to gain an understanding of non-verbal communication so that you can identify when people may be experiencing discomfort without being told verbally. Overcoming this barrier, and many others, would hopefully result in people receiving the correct treatment and ultimately increasing their quality of life and life expectancy

Overall, I understand that being a nurse is not always easy or glamourous, but it is rewarding to know you are helping as many people as possible, and if I can do this, I will have fulfilled a life goal. I am right for your course because I am a people person who is bubbly, outgoing and approachable. I can cope in a variety of situations and I always try my hardest, whilst keeping myself motivated and energetic. But most importantly I find reward in helping others.

I hope that you can consider my application and your ability to help me towards my dream job.

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This my personal statement from Learning Disabilities Nursing in 2020. I had already done one year on another university course and decided it wasn't for me so included this in the statement.
I did get accepted onto my course so hopefully this can help some people.


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