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Child nursing involves providing both physical and emotional care for a child. It is a challenging yet rewarding profession which I have the drive and commitment to be part of. My intention to study nursing stems from my immense desire to provide care and support for children undergoing severe illnesses.

As I grew up in Nigeria, where there is a flawed health care system, I experienced first-hand, patient negligence in the hospital,and how economic background and status of an individual could determine the care they would receive.

My interest in nursing came to life after I read the book by Christen Watson, 'the language of kindness.' It gave me an insight into the role of a nurse, the opportunity it presents to better people's lives, and how care is provided to patient. From reading this book I gained basic knowledge about care, which in future will help me to counsel and care for my young patient and their families appropriately.

Also, I have sort advice and spoken to student nurses on open days. I believe through my various experiences; I have obtained a variety of skills. Babysitting has taught me to be patient and understanding with children. They require time to express their emotion and sometimes do not understand the consequences of their action.

Moreover, I learnt how to manipulate my strategy to interact following the situation, which further developed my ability to adapt quickly to a different position. Spending time with these children made me realize how passionate and dedicated I am to work in this field.

A LEVELS of studies have provided a clear grounding for a nursing course. Whilst studying psychology, I had the opportunity to learn about the importance of forming attachment and the stages of child development. The knowledge I obtained from these can help to adhere to my future patient to alleviate their worries and fears.

Therefore, this will enrich my ability to develop a healthy patient and nursing relationship. Adaptability is critical for individuals in the field of healthcare. I overcame the barrier of language, culture, and a new school curriculum when I moved from Nigeria to England in 2018. I covered a three-year curriculum in less than eight months while being taught in an accent that seems to me then, indecipherable.

By completing the national civil service program and summer school in 2018/19, I learned the importance of team dynamics as I had a chance to work effectively with different people who held different values. My role at NCS included cleaning the social area in a nursing home and interacting with a resident.

This experience has further equipped me to meet the demands of a child nursing course. I am sure that I am fit for the role of a child nurse as I was able to demonstrate a consistently superior level of care, courage, and support, reflecting my skills of empathy and patience. Both this event has enhanced my confidence and communication skills which are essential in the nursing field as it will enable me to talk and relate effectively with my patients.

Beyond my academic study, in my spare time, I like to watch documentaries and read books as it helps to improve my literacy skills. This will be beneficial within the nursing environment when filling outpatients' profile and maintaining a record of their medical needs. In addition to my A levels, I have a job at McDonald's. Working at McDonald's has taught me how to handle an uncertain situation and has also trained me to work calmly under pressure, which is vital in being a child nurse as an emergency can arise.

I have the commitment, tenacity, and aspiration to become a child nurse who will alleviate the pain of sufferers. I am confident that if given a chance to study nursing at your university, I will make a positive difference and contribution and will fully embrace the joy and challenges entailed by this course.

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I came to the UK in 2018 and applying to university to study my dream course was a bit of a struggle as i didn't have enough experience compete with other applicant who has been here all their life, but i managed to come up with something after many sleepless night, and got 4 replies out of 5. hopefully this helps someone to plan out their PS, good luck with your application.


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