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For as long as I can remember, I was always drawn to the feeling of responsibility, care and support towards others. What sparked my curiosity for Midwifery was helping and observing my older sister’s close friend through the physiological changes of her pregnancy and preparing for the birth. I strongly believe midwives play a significant and meaningful role in women’s lives and I came to envy such a rewarding profession. Having spoken to midwives and Midwifery students, I obtained a clear insight on the daily routines, challenges and skills needed in this field. Upon further reading about women's unique experiences, I grew a thirst for knowledge and fascination for pregnancy, motherhood and the miraculous moment of birth, and it became evident to me that I had developed a strong desire to pursue Midwifery.

Contributing to my interest were my mother’s anecdotes, deeply engraved in her mind, about experiencing several miscarriages and giving birth in three different countries. In November 2015, the World Health Organization stated that “Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth”. I wondered how different it would have been if my mother had not had access to first world medical care and how I could make a difference in women’s lives, possibly in developing countries where health education is scarce and maternal and infant mortality are high. I therefore wrote my IB Math Internal Assessment on infant mortality and birth rates, investigating statistics of global disparities in health care and my Theory of Knowledge presentation about ethical issues surrounding abortion, artificial wombs and surrogate motherhood. Taking part in dynamic and service-oriented activities in school, such as the Student Council Implementation Committee, tutoring and mentoring children and organizing a student-led fundraising concert for children affected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake developed my organization, teamwork and collaboration skills.

Babysitting has especially rewarded me with compassion, empathy and patience and the rare opportunity to be closely involved with the pregnancy of a lady I babysat for. Barbara Katz Rothman said «Birth is not about making babies, birth is about making mothers. Strong, competent, capable mothers, who trust themselves and know their inner strength». I was captivated by and privileged to have a view through the eyes of an expectant mother, whilst providing my support and immersing myself in her stressful and emotionally challenging situations. Through my professional experience from volunteering at an animal shelter in the United States. I gained a stronger sense of autonomy and responsibility when caring for sick animals, giving them medication, undertaking sterilization, quarantine procedures and assisting the veterinarian during a surgery. I also enjoy sports such as handball, basketball, sprint, scuba diving and tennis and have a passion for the Arts, including fine art, singing, creative writing and theatre.

After my IB, I wish to take a gap year and travel to the United States, study science and health related courses and do internships to expand my knowledge and skills and better prepare myself to study Midwifery. I am particularly eager to study in the UK, a multicultural center of education. As a dual national, fluent in almost 3 languages and having travelled around the world, I have come to value open-mindedness, as it is essential to the adaptability and communication with people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in a professional environment. After my degree, I am considering the further study of Neonatal Nursing or Obstetrical Sonography and later travel and take part in humanitarian aid. I hope you will look favorably upon my application to attend the Midwifery program at your educational institution as I have found my calling and aspiration, and I am devoted to making Midwifery my future.

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