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From a young age I have had a desire to help and care for people. Once I was old enough to understand the uniqueness and beauty of all stages of pregnancy and birth, I knew that I wanted it to be a part of my everyday life. As soon as I started researching the role of a midwife, I knew it was the perfect career for me as pregnancy and birth are such significant times in the lives of women and their families.

By arranging a tour of the maternity department at Kingston Hospital, I was given the opportunity to learn about the role of the midwife from a group of working midwives. They helped me understand that the midwife plays an important role from conception until the postnatal period and beyond. I was also interested to learn that the midwife provides help and advice for the partners and families of the women as well as the mother herself.

I feel that all of the subjects that I have chosen to study at A Level enhance the skills I will need as a midwife. Sociology enables me to understand cultures and families from a very open-minded point of view, and therefore have a greater understanding of their specific needs. Philosophy exercises my ability to see situations from more than one point of view, so I can make decisions by considering numerous factors and view points. French is useful as I feel that being I could offer French speaking women the same outstanding service as English speakers.

In addition to my A levels, achieving an A* in GCSE biology gives me confidence that I am more than able to do well in the pure science modules of the course. By reading books such as ‘Midwife Crisis: The Calamities of a Trainee Midwife’ by Hilary Cotterill, I was able to further my understanding of the skills required to be a midwife of the highest standard. In addition, watching documentaries such as ‘Desperate Midwives’ (BBC in 2006) and ‘Confessions of a Nurse’ (Channel 4 in 2009) really increased my interest in being to be part of the rising standards of the NHS and offering an excellent service to women at such a special time in their lives. I have also found working through the StudentMidwife.net “Getting Familiar with Midwifery” workbook invaluable for discovering more about the academic studies of training to be midwife. I feel it has given me great insight into what I will study as a student midwife and made me more confident that is right career for me.

Next summer (2010), I have been given the opportunity to extend my knowledge of the role of the midwife by witnessing the practice of midwives in Malawi. Through the Landirani Trust, a charity working with communities in Malawi, I have been given the chance to work with a Midwife in the local clinic, shadowing her everyday activities and helping out where possible.

Throughout my school life I have always been viewed as hardworking and dedicated in everything I do. I have the ability to work to a high standard both independently and in a group. This is important as midwives need to be able to work as part of a team and autonomously. This has been rewarded by being given important leadership roles such as house captain and school prefect. I also feel that public speaking has greatly improved my communication so that I can clearly convey my ideas and thoughts to a wide range of people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

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midwifery statement

Leaving the part about the early desire to help poeple ( it can be a little to early) this statement has lots of relavent information relating to your desire to learn and practice midwifery.you have been exstreamly lucky to have been part of the clinic in malawi.as a mum of three this is where my practical exsperience lies, however i strive to study midwifery and eventually specialise in ultrasound. I realy hope you made it to study. You have inspired many more thoughts and ideas of how to write my statement....good luck in your future career.

This personal statement gives

This personal statement gives me hope and reassurance that mine can sound reasonable too. Recently, I have read a few that sound extreamly proffesional and as if these people do nothing but volunteer, do work experience and revolve their world around the course they havent yet got into and I've been struggling to understand how they can fit it all in?! This is nice and balanced between getting a tour to linking subjects to the course and getting an amazing experience to work in Malawi. It's also well written without it looking like you tried too hard.
You're obviously genuinly keen and I hope everything went well!

Hi there,

Hi there,

I just wanted to say that I am now in trouble as someone has copied parts of my statement so UCAS detection system has highlighted in my new application that I have copied someone else's statement.

Can I PLEASE stress that I would appreciate it if:
a) you could respect this as my own work and not copy any of it, I do not want to have to take it down if people are finding it useful.
b) whoever did copy this could own up because it is going to penalise my application and that's totally unfair.

Thanks :)

what a pity someone has

what a pity someone has abused your good will in this way. best of luck with it and well done on the lovely statement. i have read it and will use it as inspiration in my own only.

advise needed

hey there is is a greatpersonal statement very well detailed and usefull for ppl like us who have this desire ,iv got my interview next week the get o the higher education access course and have to write a statement in from of them aswell as an assessment on litracy and numeracy any advise or info you could give me would be very appreciated,i have 3 children my self and i loved every min ov child birth also have been a birthing parnter for a friend and the hole thing was truly amazing thank leanne :)

did you get a place?!

did you get a place?!

WOW girl this is amazing

WOW girl this is amazing hehehehehehhee i dnt know hw u wrote it soo perfectly hehehe i am struggling with mine really badly i sent a first draft and it was rubbish lol *laughs to herself* wow good luck i think u already got in hehehe :)

Don't Plagiarise this Statement!

I work in the Admissions Department of a university, dealing with applications for undergraduate midwifery degree programmes. So far, parts of this statement have been copied by four applicants, just in the statements I have reviewed! If you copy any part of this statement it WILL be detected by UCAS, it WILL be reported to the universities you have applied, and you run the risk of having your application rejected for plagiarism. DON'T COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S PERSONAL STATEMENTS!!!

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