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To me midwifery is not about what it can do for me, it is about what I can bring to helping
2 women. It intrigues me how childbirth is the most natural thing a woman experiences in her
3 lifetime. To that woman it is a life changing experience both physically and mentally, so the
4 support she receives throughout this time is vital for herself and her child's wellbeing.
5 Therefore the 6 c's care,
6 compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment are values that should be
7 implemented at all times.
8 I have applied to volunteer at the Oliver Fisher Neonatal unit at Medway Maritime Hospital.
9 I have also worked within the NHS as a domestic
10 assistant at 2 Hospitals in London for many years. This instilled in me the importance of team
11 work, as well as how to communicate with people. As I have a large family inevitably I have
12 spent time within nurseries and schools where I volunteered helping children with their
13 reading skills. More recently I volunteered for Cancer Research UK also BLISS.
14 I recently attended a midwifery conference at Canterbury Christchurch University, where I had
15 the opportunity to find out more information regarding the midwifery process and feel more
16 informed and very inspired by the student midwives and tutors I met during the 2 days. I was
17 inspired by the
18 support for teenage pregnancies and would relish the opportunity to work in this area.
19 I am a mother of 11, grandmother of 12 and great grandmother of 2. I have many experiences,
20 but I am aware that other women's experiences may be different from my own. No two births are
21 the same and neither are pregnancies.
22 I am very proud to say that I was present at 6 of my grandchildren's births, from the onset of
23 labour,
24 through to their birth.
25 My enrolment at Mid Kent College is something I am proud of. Last year I achieved my English
26 GCSE and Access to Health Certificate level 2. I enjoyed doing my project on my chosen topic
27 "birth choices" immensely. This year I am studying maths for GCSE and Access to Nursing and
28 Healthcare professions level 3 and have chosen a project on Preterm Birth. I am particularly
29 enjoying biology as it is fascinating. In my spare time I enjoy time with my family and many
30 grandchildren, taking them swimming or baking cakes together. I also enjoy playing pool and
31 have won trophies for such. I also believe it is never too late to achieve and with my own
32 hard work and dedication, plus help and support from wonderful tutors and fellow midwives this
33 can become reality. I am very much ready for the challenge of studying midwifery: Childbirth
34 is natural I feel it is "my calling".

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Tried to keep it brief and relevant. So much to say and I prefer to talk face to face with people.
Look forward to interview!


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