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Shadowing the practice nurse and community midwife at the local general practice was a great insight into the different roles of the multi-disciplinary team. I drew great enjoyment from spending time in the practice, especially talking with the patients and staff. It was an ideal situation to test and further enhance my communication skills.

Getting to know the patients and their unique situation made me feel that as a health care professional you’re in the unique position to truly make a difference in an individual life. This experience confirmed to me that midwifery is the perfect role for me.

I’m a 28 year old mature student and my background is in management accountancy. I worked in the finance Industry for four years and think that the experience I gained there will stand me in good stead as a midwife. I’ve learned crucial skills like to how manage budgets, prioritizing tasks and financial forecasts, skills that can be transferred into a health care setting.

Health care providers are making decision that have financial implication and in this financial climate we all have to be aware of the clinical decision and there financial implications.

I’m a caring and compassionate individual and have been volunteering at the local youth group for the past 8 years working with girls between the ages of 12-18 I’ve done over 1200 hours of voluntary work.

Working with teenagers is very enjoyable, rewarding and often amusing job. I really relate to young people and understand the challenges that they face this let me form a great relationship with the girls I work with.

Being Responsible for a group of young people has enhanced my leadership skills and strengthening my confidence by placing me in unfamiliar situation that require me to exercise my own judgment , such as deciding on an appropriate way to manage difficult situations like helping the girls overcome challenges they face in their daily lives.

In the future it is my ambition to be a midwife specializing in pre teen and teenage pregnancy and would be very keen to get involve in research this field. I would love this opportunity to be part of a women and her family journey into parenthood.

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I think I might have to write it again and start all over.
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i think you speak too much

i think you speak too much about your previous job in finance. just my opinion, i think maybe you should focus more on the career you want to pursue and not the one you had.

very informative and helpful.

very informative and helpful. hope you made it to where you wanted to go. all the best


Awesome blog post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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