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The unique education which I have experienced has impacted me in many ways. I was taught by my parents from the age of 7, until at 14 I made the decision to start high school. During my time being home-educated, I learnt the importance of taking charge of my future.

Reading has always been my main hobby. The character Vicky from my favourite book, Baby Blue by Julia Green, is a community midwife, and the way that the job of this character was described intrigued me, so I searched for more information. The more I found, the more this role seemed like something I would enjoy, and be successful in.

With my mind set, my 13 year old self began planning the path I would take.

The role of a community midwife is unique, rewarding and challenging. I fully understand the responsibility involved and the professional, positive attitude needed. It is not only a career to me, but also a dream.
Having to work closely with individuals in society, I believe that my friendly and empathetic nature would make me well suited to caring for others.

I will make every effort to demonstrate these personal qualities and to show focus and dedicated hard work. I am more than ready to face every future challenge head on, and to learn from each one.

Achieving a Distinction* in both Health and Social Care and Child Development at GCSE Level will provide valuable preparation for studying midwifery. I enjoyed these subjects greatly, and studying communication modules in Health and Social Care has given me a greater understanding of how to interact effectively with a diverse range of people - a skill which will be invaluable in the healthcare industry.

At A-Level I continued to study Health and Social Care, further developing skills such as organisation, the self-discipline needed to meet strict deadlines, and the ability to work calmly under pressure. In my higher education, I intend put in an even greater level of effort.

Studying A Levels has been an unforgettable experience. Being nominated for Head Girl was one of the many highlights, and although I only got as far as the interview process, I am very grateful to have been considered. I am now a Senior Student for my year group, which I have found both rewarding and enjoyable.

We are currently planning the end of year prom. I enjoy working and forming relationships with individuals and take the responsibilities I am given seriously.

Once I have completed Year 13, I intend to take a gap year for several purposes. I completed work experience at a pre-school when I was 15, helping out with the morning sessions for 3-5 year olds.

I found it both fun and educational, enabling me to develop my communication and time management skills, increase my confidence and help me work as part of a team. In my gap year I intend to seek a similar placement in order to build on this experience. Completing my Youth Achievement award is another personal goal.

I was unable to continue this award once I returned to formal education, but I have always had a strong desire to complete it. I worked with other young people to complete photography and fashion design projects.

Our photographs were exhibited in a local art gallery, and for the fashion design project we decorated a ballgown which was displayed as part of the Love exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle.

I am also considering taking an Open University course relevant to midwifery to widen my knowledge about the profession, teach me the independent study skills I will need for higher education, and keep me in an academic frame of mind.

Midwifery is a truly rewarding career that requires hard work, dedication and passion to achieve. I am truly dedicated and passionate about both studying midwifery, and the career that it will lead me to. I would be both delighted and profoundly grateful to be considered for a place on this course.

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This personal statement was written by Steph123 for application in 2012.

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I'm so glad to finally get it finished! It seemed to take me months, I feel like I could recite it from memory now... I'm pleased with it though, my teachers tell me it's excellent, so I guess it was worth the hours of work..


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I think your personal

I think your personal statement is really good. Just some advice, I have read of another prospective student posting her statement online for feed back, it was then copied and she was questioned about it's authentisity at interview so I think you'd be better to take it down because people will try to use it as their own. Wouldn't want you to miss out because of this. Hope you get onto the course you want.

This personal statement reads

This personal statement reads very well, it covers pretty much everything it needs to and should get you into university no problem. Now... I just have to do mine. Good Luck x

OMG this is soooooo AMAZING,

OMG this is soooooo AMAZING, I swear you had soo much experience in a tender age of 15 and wow at that age i was soo childish ehehhehehhehehhehehe i wanna do midwifery to, I do BTEC health and social care, n yeh i found a work experience at a hospital but the bad thing is that I am rubbish at writing a personal Statement i swear I NEED SOO MUCH HELP i don't know how to start it but I know what I wanna write i swear its hard 2 put it into context heheheheheh :) how long did it take u 2 perfect ur personal statement

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