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Having been raised during a turbulent and dynamic period of structural reforms that took place in my native country; I was witness to the creation and ensuing burst of the Cyprus Stock Market bubble and its consequent recovery. All this occurred at a time when economic policy was focused on meeting the criteria for admission to the European Union.

My father, a financial executive, first introduced me in my mid-teens to the complex realities of the business world, by allowing me to accompany him to conferences and seminars conducted by the Central bank which covered topics such as Liberalisation of Interest Rates, Capitol and Exchange Rate Pressures.

Our home has always been a stable learning environment and as all the family are keen mathematicians, we have always enjoyed challenging each other with long sums and brainteasers. This background developed within me a thirst for knowledge in the area of mathematical applications to Economics and Finance and greatly influenced me in my choice of studies.

During the school placement week as well as school holidays, I shadowed tellers and management of a local bank and familiarised myself with various aspects of its operations, receiving at first hand a basic understanding of regional commerce. This experience enabled me later to secure an internship in a prominent Audit, Accounting and Consultancy firm for two consecutive summers. There, I dealt with accounting entries, report preparation and trial balance analysis as well as learning basic financial accounting terminology and the recording process.

At Lyceum, I chaired the Economic and European Interest Group and represented my school on local television in the General knowledge programme with the theme 'Drive Safe'. I was also chosen to represent my school at the European Congress in Brussels, debating various topics such as the adoption of the Euro by Cyprus and its immediate impact. In addition to graduating from the Lyceum with distinction, I was thrilled to have achieved honours in two international Accounting Olympiads which was personally rewarding. Contribution to the society of my school was important to me and every year I was pleased to be elected as president of my class. I was an active member of our school committee and contributed to events such as the school choir, theatrical performances and traditional dances. As a regular member of the choir I was delighted when I was awarded first prize in the Pan-Hellenic School Choir Competition.

My hobbies include swimming, football, basketball, playing the guitar and Solfedge. I am also keen on travelling and meeting people from all walks of life. Through my visits to several countries mainly in Europe, I have broadened my horizons and become far more culturally aware and sensitive to others.

Currently, I am fulfilling my military conscription duty as an officer in the Cyprus National Guard. I have gained immensely from this experience as it has enhanced my communication skills as well as teaching me the importance of effective situational leadership and how best to motivate teams in often stressful conditions. With special dispensation from the army, I am now completing my studies in A2 level Statistics and Accounting.

My specific choice of university supports my constant pursuit for self-excellence in aiming for the highest teaching standards and further study opportunities, which will guide me on the path towards achieving my ambition to secure a career in the financial sector.

I consider myself a determined and studious individual with well-developed analytical, numeric and language skills. Undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom will challenge me academically by allowing me to study alongside the highest calibre of peers as well as the opportunity to learn from the best educators in their field. I am confident that I will excel in such an environment and that I will contribute positively and wholeheartedly to all aspects of University life.

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This personal statement was written by matheo! for application in 2009.

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This is my personal statement! I apply basically for Mathematics.
I apply to Imperial College ( Maths and stat for finance) , UCL ( Maths and Management), KCL ( Maths and Management with Finance), Sussex ( Maths), City University ( Maths and Finance).
Tell me your opinions!
Thx! :P


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A very good statement with

A very good statement with really relevant stuff to the course you''re applying for. Perfect English and I wish you all the best. You've got some top Universities there.

fellow cypriot mathematician

very good personal statement.
you will enjoy uni life in the uk. I have graduated with a BSc in maths and stats from an english university and now going on to do my masters so writing my own personal statement.

You have not applied to top universities in maths such as Warwick and Bath.

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