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I would like to apply to do a Management degree. Having acted as Managing Director on a Young Enterprise Team whilst doing my ‘AS’ levels, I came up with innovative ideas that made a very successful company. Having held management positions within Human Resources, Operations, and Finance, I quickly realised that pursuing a management degree at university would be ideal for me.

After my GCSE’s, I held a temporary job as a junior in an Insolvency practice, in order to gain work experience. Having to work to tight deadlines taught me how to work independently as part of a professional team. I learnt that in business, if one person lacks productivity, then everyone else can suffer, and also how to motivate others as a means of preventing such issues. I used the skills learnt to enhance my role as the Managing Director of my young Enterprise company, particularly methods of motivation and delegation, and the significance of being accountable for others. Having spent nearly three years working part time in a Health food shop alongside my studies, I developed my communication skills, with both colleagues and customers, and proved to be a trustworthy employee.

Being appointed as Deputy Head Boy in the sixth form was a great honour to me. My skills were greatly enhanced by holding this position, as I would often have to listen, and respond to issues brought up by fellow prefects, and students lower down the school. Through activities such as Lunch duty, I learnt the worth of different leadership skills, and that it is important to treat everyone as an individual in order to get results. I was always keen to stay into the evening to help out at school events.

Socialising is very important to me, and I am always keen to meet new people. I enjoy trying new foods to increase my knowledge of different cultures, and my culinary skills will prove very useful in independent university life. I enjoy travelling, and learning about modern history. Having recently returned from Prague, I visited a concentration camp. This was a moving experience for me, and something I will never forget. Music is one of my biggest hobbies, and I use music to help me unwind and reflect on things. I use the internet to keep up with current affairs and sports news.

I have always been a keen sportsman, representing my school in many sporting activities. I enjoy running, particularly competing in sprint races, but also long distance running as a means of keeping fit. I always try to go for a run every evening, during breaks between my A Level studies. I represented my school as a keen member of the district and Maccabi Great Britain athletics teams, particularly in the relay. I formally played tennis and table tennis in national competitions, and more recently I have played in football, rugby, and cricket leagues outside of school.

I believe that my experiences have prepared me for independent university life. My social skills together with my ambition to succeed in life prove me to be good candidate for a Management Degree.

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were you successful with this application?

personal statement

it is an eye opener for all courses. May kindly appeal if you can add one for hospitality management course thank you.


sounds really good, that good im scared to write mine.

Its a load of bull

Sorry, but your statement is so far fetched it sounds like you were just reading it from a textbook. It is so obvious you haven't done half the stuff you say you have!

This was really helpful well

This was really helpful well done old bean

u mentioned too much about

u mentioned too much about the sports u do n ur social life...

the statament sounds good.

the statament sounds good. at the end of the day, as long as it was successfull and you tried...who cares! so dont take notice to the one who saying its a load of bull. that person clearly doesn't have a clue.

Where are you applying for?

Where are you applying for?

Das is good. I really found

Das is good. I really found it useful. I want to apply to a fine Business School in the UK. I come from Germany. Good ideas, well done

nice 1

thanks m8

goon army

really good statement for any front liners of the almighty goon army. lunch duty eh...your my hero


I have read some personal statement.Almost all of them are complex and so arrogant.
Yours are clear and specific.Signal languages are acceptable.



this statement is helpful when applying to any degree

Veey useful, many thanks! One

Veey useful, many thanks! One question...were you successful in your application?

My personal opinion


ok... so how were you

ok... so how were you managing your successful business while studying, staying after school, playing in 3 different sporting leagues and going on runs to keep fit?

one question... are you Clark Kent?

these sort of sites are very

these sort of sites are very useful indeed espeicially if your like me and only have two weeks to apply for uni and havent done my persoanl statement! cheers!

lovely and sweet

thanks for the statement i can now write my own.

Two weeks that's nothing!! I

Two weeks that's nothing!! I have until tomorrow lol. Best get started!!

it was so good

it was so good that i want to make it mine

i like the simplicity of your

i like the simplicity of your statment but it sounds like its from a cv maybe try and create one with more depth and personality overall it was ok

you sound like the sort of

you sound like the sort of person id find great satisfaction in smacking.

however, i've got some great tips from this so thanks.

Did u write this for a schoo

Did u write this for a schoo?plus were u given admission if u did?cos im using ur 4mat since it follows d ucas guidelines.i nid help in shortening it dou.its mighty long

i need help !!

im an international student applying to the UK and ive skipped 2 years of school - but i dont know whether i should mention that in my personal statement?! on the one side i think it may portray a good image, but on the other hand i dont want to sound like a pretentious git!!! what do i do???

thanks !

not bad

this is ok but i would also get great staisfaction from smacking you, square in the face.

not bad

this is ok but i would also get great staisfaction from smacking you, square in the face.

Which concentration camp near

Which concentration camp near Prague did you visited? I didn´t know there were any...

how often do you say keen??

how often do you say keen??


I am so grateful for your blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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