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Law Personal Statement

Law, for me, is an essential element in maintaining a world of order and justice. The question
of 'right or wrong?' arises in everyday life. To be involved in an aspect that essentially
shapes the world we live in is a very exciting opportunity that I am passionate about. Law is
used universally and is of great significance to how we conduct our behaviour and I find this
particularly fascinating.
I wish to pursue a degree in Law because it will allow me to fulfil my long term ambition of
working in a legal environment. My interest in law began when I embarked on an A level course.
The course included studying sources of law and the English legal system. This gave me a
greater insight into working in the legal profession and I feel that I would be an asset if I
was to be included in it.
My experience of encountering different people with different morals was the beginning of my
forever growing interest in how the law influences various peoples' actions and behaviour.
Studying law at degree level would further my insight and build upon the knowledge I already
Law is relevant in the sense that we live in a world with hugely diverse cultures, people and
societies which influence and are influenced by Law. Law is ever changing and is one of the
few aspects in the world which adapts constantly to the changes happening.
Business and Psychology, my other two chosen A level subjects merge in to my law course
constantly. An example of this is in Psychology; the thinking behind obedience and abnormality
are vital criteria of defences such as Diminished Responsibility. During my business course I
have been increasingly intrigued when learning about the legal structures of a business, the
laws within a business such as health and safety and the struggle for equality within small
and large businesses. Business is another subject I am passionate about and to incorporate the
two would be an opportunity I would be eager to take advantage of.
I feel I am well equipped to work hard because I have the commitment and dedication.
Furthermore, I have excellent oral and written skills as I have presented myself in front of
an audience and have attained grades A and B's for my written work. I am currently working
part time in Boots as a sales assistant dealing with customers, sales and queries, this shows
I work well under pressure as I handle my A level work as well as a job.
Realising that Law fits in to every aspect of every society led me to strive for involvement
in the enforcement and use of Law. Recently I volunteered to raise funds for a school and
children's orphanage in South Africa, soon after I had the opportunity to visit those we had
helped. This was a huge eye opening experience for me and made me realise even though Law is a
solid part of every society, each society is regulated by different laws.
I previously volunteered in a youth club for young people with special needs, this hugely
changed my outlook and morals which led me to strongly believe in helping people in difficult
times. In the future I hope to visit various places in the world to do so and build on my work
in Lesotho.
An interest which guided me to Law was reading Law cases on the news, in books and in my Law
lessons. Many cases have transformed a factor of Law and one that interests me is R v Blaue
1975. Within this case it was explored whether; if the victim's beliefs determined their fate,
would this change the outcome for the defendant? The final sentence which settled the case and
shaped a factor of law was, "Those who inflict violence must take their victims as they find
them". How incredible that one person's actions could change Laws set out for the whole
country? Even more incredible is the fact that another person's case could come along the very
next day and modify it again.
I feel university is my first step to a fantastic journey in the necessary world of Law.

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This personal statement was written by holly73 for application in 2011.


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Every time I come back here again and don`t get disappointed..!!

hey could u tell us which uni

hey could u tell us which uni u applied to and which ones u got offers form

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