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When I considered what should be the next step in my development it was out of the question that I would go for a degree at University. At school I proved to be a successful quick-learner in every subject, yet there were two circumstances that influenced most strongly my final decision in which area to expand my knowledge. Those were my background and experience gained during my school years.

The ever-changing world of business is what I witness every day on the streets and at school, it is an important background for whatever media - radio, television etc. Realizing its influence over world matters of utmost importance as well as such of personal preferences, it is impossible not to acknowledge its dynamic nature. Moreover, all business areas undergo constant development which is to make them better and more successful. But apart from indirectly being a part of the system, it is a whole new world when you are directly involved in it. For the last five years I had the chance to take an active part in the family business thus gained first-hand experience of the business world. All of the above has led me to realizing that no matter what role you want to play in the business world it is vital to know the basic principles as well as being up-to-date. That is why at this point of my personal development I strongly aspire to make my next step as an International Finance and Trade student at the International University College. I am eager to obtain the academic knowledge that will not only explain in theory my experience of many years, but will also introduce me to things I have not known and experienced before.

From my earliest childhood I had been presented the opportunity to oversee the development of a small business in the dynamic atmosphere of world economics. At the beginning I would only help my parents mind the store. But through the years as I advanced academically I developed a deeper understanding of the matter and proved greater efficiency. In the competitive and challenging age, as it is today, it is of great importance to be as effective as possible. In the light of this, the family business instilled some great values in me. Chief among them was the value of hard work. It was a matter of course that every member of the family must give the best he can for the general welfare. I made no exception.

Thus I experienced both the inner, rough side of the business, starting from things like goods supplying, through understanding of cash flow, contracts and conditions, price setting and costs to rivalry and plots, and the outer side of which the general public is aware - marketing, sales consulting, professional service and maintaining an optimistic and productive climate.

I learned a great amount of valuable skills such as scrutinizing complex situations and problem solving, managing multiple assignments, flexibility when setting a priority as to streamline the work process, judicious attitude when making bargains, training and motivating employees to do better than they thought they could. Being a loyal and devoted worker is probably the most important premise for success. And it is not just a question of business, but rather one concerning a person's attitude of mind. I know what I am capable of and always try to do better wherefore mediocrity terrifies me. In my opinion there is no excuse for a lazy mind. I remember reading a thing Jacques Cousteau once said that perfectly fits here. It sounds like this: "When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself". I cannot agree more with him.

As far as education is concerned, it has been of great value to me in view of broadening my conception of the world. The diversity of classes taught at school helped me realize and develop my intrinsic talents, shaped my personality and gave me a clear idea of the best ways to fulfill my potential. I was mostly drawn to mathematics because of the logical and strategic look over things it teaches.

From it I learned to see the big picture as well as being in charge of every little detail. I especially enjoyed the English and German language classes where the knowledge of fluency seemed to come naturally to me. Further on, I got the chance to take part in a school international project called "Media - a meeting point for everyone in Europe". Due to my Ukrainian-Bulgarian origin I found no difficulty in building confidence in interacting with people from different national backgrounds. Because of the focus of the project on the basic ways in which media communicates with people this experience added to my awareness of the manipulation and application of technology.

It allowed me to develop an ability to collect and analyze data in order to distill the essence and present it clearly and concisely. Through this project I became conscious of some of the core principles of marketing, namely flexibility and thinking outside of the box.

Books have made a huge impact on my future goals. I have always been interested in studying biographies of famous people as to analyze their way of thinking and strategies they use in real-life situations. Through reading besides getting to know Plato, Nietzsche, Jung and their philosophies, I met such figures as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki who deeply influenced my perception of the nature of money and of the world as a whole. From these two mentors I learned some successful principles which have lasted over hundreds of years, I learned what a lifestyle really means as well as what it is worth.

All of the above stand behind my strong aspiration to fulfill my potential. I want to acquire the academic knowledge needed in order to hold privilege jobs and top positions in the future and be able to make the best decisions in the business world. I am ready to take full advantage of the opportunities life presents and dedicated to do more, be more and give more and better my best every day. This is the way in which everyone will benefit.

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