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History is very important and is very relevant in today's society, which is why I have a passion for studying the subject. I find past events to be very interesting, and I am intrigued to find out how they can help to shape the future. Events like the Second World War, its impact throughout the world, and one outcome such as the United Nations bring to light how horrific events can lead to major global result for the future, and I have always been interested in knowing how this can happen. An ongoing current event, such as the civil war in Syria does not just impact that country alone, but has affected the lives of so many across the world. History is very important in different countries all over the globe, as it shapes how they operate in the present in many aspects, culturally, economically and politically.

History of other cultures is something that I am extremely passionate about, which was emphasised when I took a trip to Berlin to experience the impact of Nazi Germany and the events that followed, including the divide of Germany into the East and West sides. After this trip, I felt as though I was able to incorporate my own experience into my written work. I find that visiting historical sites and important landmarks strengthens my knowledge on the subject and can give me a different insight into certain topics, so I am able to take other views into consideration. After visiting Berlin, I was able to think a lot more about the feelings of the prisoners of the camps in Germany, and try to understand what they had to endure. I am also taking a trip to Poland in February to visit Auschwitz, which will further my knowledge of the horrific events that took place in the largest concentration camp established by the Nazi regime. I was also chosen to assist in taking a GCSE History class on a trip to the London Dungeons, to help them to increase their understanding of their course on medicine and surgery, and from this I gained a sense of responsibility with helping younger students.

Alongside studying, I currently work as a contact centre sales advisor, and working for a high end and often very busy company has helped to increase my work ethic hugely, and has definitely helped to increase my ability to be able to work within a time slot and under pressure. We are given targets that we need to achieve, and a time in which they need to be achieved by. Working with and advising customers also requires well developed communication skills, as it is essential that I am able to give them information clearly and precisely. I feel this has been replicated in my school work, and has helped me to clearly set out essays. I completed voluntary work in a nursery as part of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, which meant I had to be very organised in order to help the staff with the children's activities throughout the day. I also helped with some of the admin work, which again helped me to become more organised and a better logical thinker. The award itself also assisted in improving my teamwork skills, as part of this award included going on an expedition, in which we had to do everything in a team; cooking, organising what items we all needed to bring, and how to get to our final destination. This expedition helped me to build upon my skill of working within a team, and also being able to work independently. Team work is a very important skill, as other people's ideas can help to influence your own, and we all helped one another to overcome obstacles that we found whilst completing our challenge.

I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge of History at university and continuing study into what has always been my favourite subject. I believe I would be a very suitable candidate as I am very passionate about History, I love to learn, and I would be very enthusiastic to continue to learn new things and gain more knowledge and new experiences.

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