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As liberalism is giving way to realism in international relations, trade growth and progress will yield to a scramble for resources and survival. This "neo-realism" is a nationalism with international appeal, that unites across borders, and divides within them. I am not applying for a Political Science course, but because of these changes the world will need more Earth Scientists, and I want to become one of them. I am captivated by the planet we live on. I took its bait of beauty early on and have been hooked ever since.

To perpetuate my experiences, as a child, I collected rocks from every seashore I walked and every hill I climbed. As I grew older, I learned to let go, and embrace the elements rather than collect pieces of them. Today I live out my fascination by surfing waves, hiking and climbing rocks, skiing mountains and landsailing. These activities have helped me better understand the earth's mechanisms. I can do all this near our home in Southern Spain, close to where the Zanclean Flood unfolded.

I have always researched in depth that which has engaged me, to which end I watch a myriad of documentaries and read plenty of articles and books in search for answers. In-depth discussions with my science teachers on topics spanning from dark matter to the origins of life, have also provided clarifications. This curiosity of mine is backed up by an ability to focus for long periods of time. I am innovative, creative and can think outside the box. Let me make it clear that I am choosing my career path for selfish reasons, and not because of a call, desire or obligation to contribute to society.

Having said that, I am unpretentiously conscious of, and positive towards, possible contributive communal effects of my practice, but that is not my driving force. My motivation is the realisation of my own potential, and that is best fulfilled by dedicating my life to science. I was recently awarded "Physics Student of the Year" and received full scholarship accreditation. My interest in the course is demonstrated by research and activities I have taken part in, including visiting Khao Lak (Thailand) which was devastated by the tsunami in 2004.

I was only 11 at the time of my visit, but it made a lasting impression. I have worked a week as a 'Seismology Data Analyst' at the Republican Seismic Survey Center of Azerbaijan and travelled to Gobustan to experience the unique geothermal phenomena known as 'mud volcanoes'. In 2016, I won a silver medal in the chemistry category at an international event in Izmir, challenging much older students. This summer I have worked with forecasting and analysing weather, wind and ocean currents. In December I will be a Volcano Adventure Guide Assistant on expeditions to Acatenango and Pacaya.

I have lived in a range of different countries, and open-mindedness is therefore a prominent feature of my frame of reference. I am fluent in English, Spanish Norwegian and Thai, and have studied Mandarin for five years. To disconnect, I thoroughly enjoy a good game of chess, and have learnt from both Shahriyar Mammedyarov (World Champion) and his sister Turkan (European Champion). However, football is the leisure activity I enjoy the most. I have trained in many good academies, and this year competed in the "International Schools' League" in Baku where I was selected for the All-Star Team.

I will utilise my aversion to losing in sports in my studies to help me achieve my goals. All things considered, and as an addict to the unpredictable chaos of mother nature, I would very much welcome the opportunity to not only unravel some of the remaining geophysical mysteries, but above all the chance to develop better ways of both predicting and handling the consequences of global geophysics. Although my motives are not fundamentally altruistic, if granted this privilege, I pledge that it is one that I will not squander. I will therefore do this because I want to, but also by reason of being the right thing to do.

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Offers made for:

Oxford University (Earth Sciences)
Imperial College London (Geophysics)
University of Edinburgh (Geophysics)
University College London (Earth Sciences)
University College London (Environmental Geosciences)


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