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I have lived my whole life in North West England, exposed to the dramatic landscape provided by the Pennines; the natural beauty held by this scenery has never failed to leave me in awe. From a young age I have been interested in the wonders of the world, from the formation of extensive mountain ranges to the unyielding power of the Earth as visualised in the aftermath of tectonic activity.

My commitment to pursue undergraduate study as a geologist is reflected in my chosen A level subjects. Studying Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry has enabled me to enhance my problem-solving and analytical skills.

All of my subjects require independent research, the development of resilience and a self-reflective attitude to monitoring progression. I particularly enjoy working with mathematical formulae to elucidate procedural strategies that prove numerical conclusions.

Additionally, I am doing research as part of an Extended Project Qualification on the 'magma wagging' model as a means to accurately predicting future volcanic eruptions.

Since GCSE I have taken a great interest in volcanic processes, seismology and the evolution of Earth's structure. This project will support my lateral thinking skills and my ability to persuade non-scientific audiences that magma wagging may be the best predictive model currently under utilised by geologists.

I take pleasure in the pursuit of truth and knowledge about the world we live in. I am an avid reader and subscribe to many major publications related to Earth Sciences.

As a keen follower of the blog 'Eruptions' by Erik Klemetti and EARTH magazine, I am kept updated with news regarding the geological world that may not be scientifically portrayed in the media.

I am presently researching how silica tetrahedra bond to form polymers with increased viscosity. I am also a member of the Manchester Geological Society and am planning to attend the Edexcel Tectonic Hazard Conference in December 2013 with the college Geography department.

I am especially intrigued to learn about Professor Fiona Tweed's work as I have been chosen to travel to Iceland later in December as part of a bespoke Honours Programme event to research the activity of Eyjafjallajokull.

I am a mature, rounded and sociable person who can interact with people very well. In recognition of these attributes I was chosen to partake in a weekly peer mentoring programme at college in which I assist AS students with their Mathematics and Chemistry work.

This role has allowed me to further develop my leadership and communication skills and I take great satisfaction in supporting the progression of these students.

Furthermore, undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award has increased my participation in teamwork and given me confidence to brave adverse weather conditions during different expeditions; experiences I believe to be similar to what I would face as a geologist doing field work.

Outside academia, I possess a love for contemporary art and literature. Khaled Hosseini's 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' is my favourite novel at present. I particularly appreciate the way Hosseini encompasses the modern history of Afghanistan and the devastation brought on by war through the perspective of women.

A keen interest in languages leads me to practise my multilingualism where ever possible; I am currently fluent in two languages and am striving to become confident in speaking three more. I also take pleasure in knitting and yoga as they are ways for me to explore my creativity whilst allowing me to unwind and focus my stress into something productive.

I wish to develop a career within an ever evolving profession where passion and determination are the cornerstones to success. I am resolute that I posses the necessary skills and attributes to make an outstanding Geology undergraduate student.

I am confident that pursuing the science of Geology will pave the path from which I can achieve these aspirations and make a difference in the world.

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