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The Earth is constantly adapting to new changes. In fact, there is a great network progressively engaged to the reasoning of this occurrence and that is the link of natural processes and human civilization. Being validated over the years through researches, mankind has a great authority to change this planet and as a consequence, a new geological epoch is introduced. Entering the Anthropocene from the Holocene shows that humans have the greatest role in conserving the Earth’s sustainability and development. I choose to study Geophysics because I want to understand about the Earth’s behaviour. Having a better understanding about the Earth will give me a clear idea to overcome natural challenges in the future.

In the spirit of embracing my purpose of living which is to serve the world, I find my interest towards Earth Sciences is continually igniting my spark of aspiration to study Geophysics. By reading Discovering the Wonders of Our World by The Reader's Digest Associated Limited, I learned basic understanding of Geology such as the forces that are responsible in shaping the Earth and the cracks that divide the globe, making this subject exceptionally fascinating.

I learned more about earthquakes as I grew up. Knowing there are many scientists who face conflicts with the accuracy of earthquake prediction in terms of magnitude, it is my belief the main reason we are hindered from succeeding this complex system is that our understanding about the Earth is still vague. Japan had expected an earthquake with the moment magnitude of 8.0 but only to conclude the earthquake occurred was ten times stronger when it happened. On the other hand, having read an article regarding the latest work from Greece’s earthquake prediction that had recorded approximately 90% success made me realise the importance of Geophysics and Geology. Learning and understanding these subjects allow us to build a creative approach in the development of this world specifically in minimizing future damage to human civilization. Hence, millions of lives can be saved.

Furthermore, my interest in oceans has sparked my desire to study Geophysics. 95% of the oceans remain unexplored and this fact makes me more curious about ocean exploration where most volcanic activity and earthquakes happen. The underwater volcano eruption that occurred earlier this year in Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, Tonga is one of the incredibly interesting events as this volcano activity may form an island, which it reminds me of the formation of Hawaiian Islands.

In my opinion, studying in United Kingdom offers a vast range of opportunities in terms of academic quality and graduate employability. Besides that, Earth Sciences students at United Kingdom universities are among the happiest with their course as conducted in National Student Survey in 2016. Certainly, I want to circle myself with people who have the same dedication as I do. With excellent education standards, I believe United Kingdom is the best place to study.

My leadership skills help me to develop strong relationships with people. Having assigned as House Vice Captain, Vice President in English Language Society, and Treasurer in Badminton Club allows me to cultivate my organising, management, and motivating skills. In other words, I can manage stress easily, work cooperatively in a team, and plan strategically. Moreover, I love to learn new things on my own. I learned how to play the piano since I was 7 and use Adobe Illustration, Photoshop and After Effects since I was 11. Now I spend my leisure time learning Geology by watching lecture videos from Dr. Stephen Marshak and Dr. Eileen Herrstrom via Coursera, a platform for online studies.

I am excited to study Geophysics and Geology with hope of exploring the answers that are yet to discover. My strong desire to study the Earth’s behaviour will remain vital. With this, I hope my dream to become a successful scientist and make positive contribution to this world will turn into reality.

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