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Throughout my education, something that has grown to fascinate me tremendously is our planet and the way it has aged over the years. Both natural and human causes of these changes interest me, from Pangea to pollution and how paleo-climates have had an impact on the Earth today. Undeniably, we are in the middle of a catastrophic environmental crisis. My drive to study geology comes from my deep-seated love of nature, the environment and understanding our planet's origins, all of which can be traced back using the only timeless thing on this planet; rocks. A quote found on the wall at the natural history museum states; “In reading the rocks, we read the story of our restless planet. We come to understand the complex patterns of interaction and the nature of change over deep geological time”. This quote demonstrates the significant role rocks pay to help us understand the Earth’s past, which is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to pursue geology at university. I believe that our planet has been disrespected by us and it is our responsibility to right our wrongs before it is too late. Geology is key to this as it has links to current global issues, such as climate change and fracking. Therefore, studying geology furthers my ambition to work in the environmental protection and clean energy sector, where I can use what I study in my course in modules such as geoscience.

A recent visit to Algeria has only intensified my passion for geology, allowing me to see the raging waterfalls of Kefrida and hike the colossal Atlas mountains. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting the Pyrenees mountain range at the French border and the caves of Jijel which are renowned for their stalagmites and stalactites. The sheer beauty of these sites only deepened my need to understand how our planet works and how these incredible sites were formed, and what effect the geological locations had on human interaction with the area, which determined the way that the area was used or conserved. My choice in A-levels (biology, psychology, sociology) reflects my love for the sciences/science-based subjects and how people affect the world and how the world affects us. I have learned more about living organisms, the human mind and how different ideologies have shaped society, all of which have driven me to want to understand our planet, the thing that shapes and allows all this life to not only exist but thrive.

Beyond geology, I am an avid advocate for climate change and sustainability, aiming to help educate as many people as possible about the current state that our planet is in and where we are rapidly headed if we do not see a change soon. In year 12, I spent six months volunteering at charity shops; Cancer Research and TRAID, TRAID aims to tackle the negative social and environmental impacts of producing, consuming and wasting clothes. I found this very rewarding as I felt I was helping do my small part in taking steps forward in moving away from consumerism and towards a greener alternative. This helped me to improve skills such as time management as I had to balance volunteering with my studies as well as my communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. I completed my work experience at a biochemistry lab where I shadowed a biochemist and was allowed to analyse patient samples at the Royal London Hospital. I spent a week in a professional lab environment which massively helped my data analysis skills and my attention to detail, which I look forward to transferring to future projects at university.

Last summer I was also lucky enough to attend the Sutton Trust Programme - which I completed at the University of Bristol. This gave me a taste of what university life would be like and has helped me prepare for the massive shift in lifestyle that university will bring. I'm excited for the character growth and depth of education that university will bring as well as getting involved in university life and joining social awareness societies.

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Universities I applied to:
University of Bristol: offer received, contextual ABC (with AB in science subjects). Firm choice
University College London: offer received, ABB (slightly lower than their usual offer of AAB)
Royal Holloway, University of London: offer received, ABB
University of West England, Bristol: Offer received, unconditional + received a personal thank you email from the head of the geology department because she said she enjoyed reading my personal statement. Insurance choice
University of Brighton: offer received, BBC

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