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Geology acts as a spyglass into the past, enabling us to understand the ancient environment and how its evolution is a key component to our survival. Through the study of Mineralogy and Palaeontology I have understood the importance of unravelling the earth's structure and mineral composition for both environmental and human benefit. I am fascinated by Geology, dedicating most of my extracurricular study to reading further into the field, most recently enjoying the works of Richard Fortey.

'The Hidden Landscapes'' accurate descriptions of the Moine Thrust and Trilobites in the Ordovician allowed me to delve deeper into rich British Geology, establishing a passion to learn more about the mechanisms that shape the earth. I was able to integrate my knowledge of Geology during investigative Geography fieldwork in Coniston, displaying abilities to measure river discharge efficiently, whilst also observing the effect of attrition on grain size and angularity. Not only did it benefit my understanding of the processes of rock deposition, valuable attributes for a Geologist, but also gave me indispensable fieldwork experience. A2 Geology fieldwork at Scremerston allowed me to use more advanced equipment, such as clinometers and compasses, analysing deltaic rock beds and discovering fossils millions of years old. This allowed me to demonstrate a natural aptitude for examining and interpreting rocks needed in the field, something I wish to enhance at University.

The several day investigation changed conceptual theories learnt in the classroom into visual reality, enabling me to perceive marine sediments in their true form. Using a strategic logging technique, I could organise field evidence successfully, referring to them when completing a report on my findings. This inspired me to explore further into sedimentology, taking a self-led tour in Roundhay. The individual rock analysis provided me with great insight into the vast scale of Geology, with indistinguishable rock cyclothems in both Leeds and Northumberland. As part of my work experience, I travelled to Glasgow to review how the biological and physical erosion of peat has affected Sites of Special Scientific Interest, shadowing a rural surveyor from Scottish Natural Heritage. During my visit I used past data to evaluate the effects of recent fire damage, over grazing and under vegetated peatland, noticing a positive correlation between the negative effects of depleted peatland and the reduction of granite underneath the surface.

A day of analysing rocks at Leeds University extended my competence in using high powered microscopes, gaining direct experience of practical and interpretative skills and allowing me to test a wide range of hypotheses. Furthermore the University hosts The Royal Meteorological Society which I have attended consistently for several months. These seminars give me a taste of University education whilst also keeping me up to date with current climatic issues. Regular reading of the National Geographic is my favourite pastime, satisfying my curiosity for Geology. I have also gained a fundamental understanding of the effects of climate change and the controversies that saturate the media. I believe that, through Geology, we have a credible opportunity to reveal the past and provide an ever-greater picture as to what we should expect in the future. Throughout high school I played an active role in the School Council and the Leeds Youth Council, dealing with environmental concerns and underlining the importance of sustainability in the local area. It was this which allowed me to enhance my ability to debate, expressing my own views whilst also valuing those of others.

The experience influenced my decision to take Economics at A Level, improving my analytical and evaluative approach to problem solving. Additionally, photography captivates me. I post my material on various media sites and take feedback on-board to improve as a photographer.

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Geology F600 - 3 Year BSc at The University of Manchester


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