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While we live in such a compelling world, the study of geography is
becoming increasingly important in attempt to tackle issues surrounding
global warming, amongst other geographical controversies. It fascinates
me how human and physical geography intertwine into a single topic while
maintaining a disparity of secondary themes. My interest in geography
first derived from a three day field course in the Brecon Beacons and
Herefordshire, where we studied the geomorphology of the River Wye. I
found the processes of the river extremely interesting, which proved to
be a great help when we returned to the classroom.

When choosing my A-levels, I decided to take a range of subjects to give
myself a wide variety of future options. However it soon became clear
that as with my GCSEs, geography was by far my favourite subject due to
the vast array of content. I have studied this subject for several years
now, so I am no stranger to fieldwork, a necessity when studying
geography. >From the cliffs of the Dorset Coastline to the hills of the
Brecon Beacons, this vital experience in the field has prepared me for
any future fieldwork projects that this degree offers. I am now aware of
a variety of data collection methods, the equipment required to carry
out these methods and the statistical techniques used to analyse data
such as the Chi Squared and Mann Whitney U tests.

I am currently participating in the Extended Project Qualification, with
my chosen topic; 'The effects of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
upon the wildlife and indigenous tribes'. I decided on this theme after
reading "The last rainforests" authored by Mitchell Beazley, this was a
conservation atlas introduced by Sir David Attenborough which conveyed
the importance of the rainforests describing them as the 'lungs of the
planet'. The Extended Project Qualification requires me to organise my
time effectively so I am able to carry out in depth research into my
topic, while upholding other responsibilities which has definitely
provided me with more confidence going into my A2 exams. The Extended
Project has also given me an insight into the types of essays I will be
writing at university and the strict deadlines they bring forth. I
believe that taking A-level law has definitely enhanced my essay writing
skills and improved my literacy skills as a whole, hopefully this will
be expressed in my extended project and any future dissertations that I
may undertake.

During my GCSEs in year 11, I participated in the Bronze Duke of
Edinburgh's Award Scheme which proved to be a challenging but rewarding
programme. During this time I completed two expeditions in the Mendips
and a junior first aid course. The expeditions were testing but also
extremely exciting and the beautiful scenery was an appreciated
distraction from the demanding trek. The award scheme expressed the
importance of team work during the expeditions and improved my map
reading skills, which were constantly displayed throughout my time on
the programme. My organisational skills both in the field and
academically were also dramatically improved, teaching me the importance
of the time management required when participating in extra curricula
activities as well as revising for exams. The exciting and unforgettable
moments of this award scheme enhanced my confidence and have undoubtedly
prepared me for undergraduate life. In my spare time I enjoy playing
football and generally trying to improve my knowledge and skills in
areas that I'm interested in. I also hold a part time job as a crew
member at McDonalds, which requires me to provide fast and efficient
customer service, while maintaining a strong chemistry with my colleagues.

I hope to take my level of education a step further and study a degree
in geography to strengthen my understanding of the earth's processes and
how they interact with society, while providing me with an insight into
the careers that a geography degree offers.

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While we live in such a compelling world, the study of geography is
becoming increasingly important in attempt to tackle issues surrounding
global warming, amongst other geographical controversies...


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