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Geography is an all-encompassing subject where the geography of the past helps us to understand the present and forecast the future. I am particularly interested in the inter-relationships between physical and human Geography. I would like to develop my understanding of these connections. Growing up in Nigeria, my personal experience of geography was characterised by the hot desert such as the plains of Osun State, yet I was fascinated by the geomorphology of the UK depicted in books, photographs and discussions. The stark contrasts that existed between my geographical experiences and those from my explorations ignited my passion for both physical and human Geography. I feel that my A level subjects support my study of geography in a range of ways. Studying Psychology has complemented my study of Geography through the application of analytical skills. In particular Social Psychology has allowed me to explore how the diffusion of responsibility of people can impact the geography of an area on a range of scales.

Studying cognitive behaviours in Physical Education supports me in understanding how this happens. Studying Computing provides me with the skills to manipulate and interpret data as well as providing essential problem solving skills. It also equips me with the expertise of digital literacy for the 21st Century which will assist me when taking part in IT related modules such as GIS. Alongside my A levels my extra-curricular activities include football. I play competitively, and have represented England in the Gothia World Cup with Elite Football in Goteborg, Sweden. Playing at this level has given me the key skills of teamwork, independence and self- motivation. In school, these skills have been recognised as I am a senior house captain with various responsibilities. I attend meetings to bring student voice to the decisions-makers in school and influence those decisions. I also provide feedback and help to organise sporting teams in inter-house competitions and whole-school activities.

Besides my A-Levels and football I also have part time jobs at McDonalds and ICM, a market research company. Managing these jobs alongside studying have demonstrated how I can organise my time effectively and has given me the qualities that I believe will help me in my future studies. For example, ICM has taught me clear communication skills which, as a result, have increased my confidence. Meanwhile, McDonald's has taught me good customer service skills which are important when investigating geography in the field.These skills also help me when partaking in group work and research projects.

I also pride myself in public speaking as I have led several sermons on a variety of religious topics in my Church. From those experiences, I have obtained a Lay Preacher's card that is recognisable in both the North and South England conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church which enables me to preach all over the country. Along with my church, I have also been able to help raise £5000 in Bedford through door-to-door collections for a charity called ADRA UK. ADRA's underpinning philosophies include contributing to the eradication of poverty and distress in Low Income Countries. Using my understanding of human geography, I have been able to motivate myself further to raise more money for those in Low Income Countries in order that they can be educated on prevention rather than cure.

I am confident that my skills and experiences will allow me to adapt swiftly to meet the expectations of undergraduate life at your university and I am motivated to achieve my full potential.

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This personal statement was written by samuelalabi74 for application in 2015.

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Loughborough University
University of Bristol

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