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The Chinese expressions for crisis consists of two symbols, the first being 'danger' and the second being 'opportunity'. Our climate is frequently modified by the adjective 'crisis,'so provoking the question-are we really giving danger an opportunity? Often,I have been faced with the conflicting arguments that these climate changes are merely a natural cycle, but how can we be so sure of the consequences? Such questions have challenged me to undertake ageography degree in an effort to provide some form of answer.

Geography is present in the majority of life's aspects.It is a subject that is ever-changing,evolving and updating.A Geography degree's appeal is based upon the excitement and vibrancy of the topic and the importance and relevance of what is learnt. I love how flexible the skills acquired will be-how easily manipulated they will become when in need during a vast range of situations. In Short, geography will not only be an interesting degree but also a practical one.

I have recently completed my A2 geography project on the microclimate of a coastal region,which involved me executing a number of my practical skills, to investigate how the temperature and wind speed were altered with distance from the sea.I have attended a residential course at a field centre in Tenby where I undertook a physical investigation on dune seral digression and a human investigation on population density in a rural village, both being exciting experiences to extend my original practical skills and geographic knowledge.

I also study Biology, which allows me to improve my numeric skills, and English, which has aided me with my written communication and essay writing. As the captain of the debate team, I attended the Mock council of the EU at the Welsh assembly and was required to represent Ireland's views on renewable energy and EU expansion and then enter what established itself as a fierce debate with the other 26 'countries'. This was such a gratifying experience,it was a rare opportunity to rely upon my geographical knowledge and also to share my viewpoint on topics that interest me with other passionate Geography students.

In terms of wider reading, I read a number of newspapers on daily basis for the most contemporary geographic news. Furthermore,I indulge in my subscription of National Geographic,allowing me to broaden my understanding of a vast range of geographical aspects. I have read Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' and was startled at how fast this world is changing and how volatile our climate is. I also enjoy Michael Palin's travel publications, having recently finished 'New Europe', exemplifying upon the diversity of Europe and its cultures and landscapes.

A large quantity of my time is devoted to my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. In July, Icompleted my qualifying 50-mile expedition in the glaciated national park of Snowdonia. The scenery was a fortunate and appreciated distraction from the arduous trek; and I was especially in awe of the cragged peak of Tryfan.

A local catering company currently employs me, and I have been promoted to the position of manager of my sector, which requires a high degree of responsibility to independently sort out any arising issues swiftly.
My enjoyment and commitment to learning is evident in my attendance of 100% for my entire school life. I have been chosen for the under 18-hockey team, cross-country teams and the senior debate team.

Additionally, I have been nominated by teachers for the role of Assistant Head girl, a position allowing me to utilise my assets of organising my time sufficiently between studies and duties and motivation in completing tasks, such skills transferable to degree study.

A degree in Geography will hopefully nurture and aid what is currently a keen, curious and academic mind and allow me to reach my full potential.

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This personal statement was written by ROAMYO for application in 2008.

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I HAVE APPLIED to sheffield(geography and economics)(OFFER ABB)
oxford(hertford college)(INTERVIEW!")


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this is abseloutely fab!I bet you'll get all your offers-its textbook perfect-thanks very much for the help!

opening paragraph

Sorry to say, but your opening paragraph would put any lecturer off straight away. It doesn't make enough sense or have enough relevance to warrant it being in your personal statement; which is one of the most important documents you will write pre-university. Take out the waffle and don't try to be clever for clever's sake- a lecturer will prefer an honest representation of you to an over-thought, unnecessary and showy opening.

Very sorry if that has put you off. Many thanks for sharing your statement on here. Good luck at uni!

Beth x


i know this p.s-this is so shylock/romayo-is it not?aww love you kiddo-can realise your insults miles off-marlow on chronic?at least make is resin man ;)
as for that beth, she musta realised you had sent this off allready and then criticised regardless bring me to the conlusions she is b.i.t.t.e.r-go wax your back or soemthing girrrrrrl. i for a fact know that this p.s is far better than most, not just because she's a friend but also because i got into oxford,birmingham, ucl and sheffield for medicine-and this ps is far more superior to mehhhhhhh

oh dear, these comments are

oh dear, these comments are all so different... now I really don't know what to think.
Is this a good one or a bad one??

its a gd ps, and i like the

its a gd ps, and i like the first paragraph but did the reference to inconvenient truth put lecturers off as his work is controversial and very selective allowing a bending of perspective wih relation to the facts


i wrote this personal statement!
and i will be totally honest with you, they really dont care about your personal statment when you apply for geography!
My a.s grades were AADDU!
WHICH is pretty dire but i CONCLUDED with other from ucl, sheffield, and exeter.
I as straight out rejected from Bristol
but SHOCK HORROR!got an interview at oxford-which is a massive deal due to my grades!so they must have liked it.
Yes i was concerned about the al gore quotation but it just sounded so right and it was a winner at the oxford interview-yeh i didnt get in but it was great banter-it opens itself to opinion debates.
I am so proud of my effort on this statement, and i wouldnt change a thing about it. just personal opinion though! i actually asked at my ucl interview what they thought, and he said I looked like the only person that actually wanted to study geography like its a lifestyle lol.

iF YOU want any help on uni stuff just ask me for e-mail-i really dont mind :)


Hey, I'm writing a Geography personal statement at the moment but due to some attendance issues and whatnot, I don't think i'll get the grades needed for a 'good' (being controversial) university.
My choices are Sheffield Hallam, Manchester Met, Liverpool Hope, Nottingham Trent and one more - possibly Bangor or Keele.

The predictions are around 220-260 UCAS Points? I'm predicting myself A (B at the minimum) in Geography, C (optimistically) in Maths, C in English Language and C in General Studies.
I would get the grades in that case, but that's optimistically speaking.

If you could leave your email, I'll get in touch with writing my Geography personal statement as any help would be appreciated :)


my email is
sorry its so late but if you have any questions!

It's confusing!

what does chinese and crisis and stuff have to do with you wanting to take geography? I don't think it shows enough about you and why you like geography. BUT! this is my opinion on something that you have put in the public domain so please don't tell me I'm wrong.

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