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Keeping the public safe has always been a keen interest of mine. Whilst not wanting to go down the traditional route of a police officer, I looked for ways that I could integrate myself into the criminal justice system. I came across forensics and this interest was further deepened when I watched a BBC documentary series on Forensic Science. I was fascinated by the techniques used to critically break down components of a crime scene to establish guilt, thus heavily influencing the decision of a jury and ultimately protecting the public. I am eager to build the skill set needed to thrive as a Forensic Scientist in the future.

Studying my A Level subjects alongside the EPQ has improved my academic stamina and resilience. Chemistry has taught me about the identification of certain molecules, which will support my understanding of identifying toxins in forensic toxicology. Studying cellular tissue samples in biology can help me determine the manner, cause and time of death. Furthermore, learning about deindustrialisation and dereliction in Human Geography has helped me understand how towns develop high crime rates as urban decline leads to deprivation for the remaining population.

I have taken opportunities to familiarise myself in a laboratory setting, and I gained work experience in BODMER laboratories at Salford University. I was shown techniques such as pipetting and running a centrifuge of DNA samples. I was taught how to prepare DNA samples, run them in the centrifuge, place them in a gel and read the DNA samples, all whilst compiling a report that detailed what I did i.e., extraction of DNA from Echinococcosis granulosus, PCR amplification of a specific ORF and identification by agarose gel electrophoresis, thin layer chromatography and Fourier transform-infrared. I learnt the value of patience and working logically, and I was grounded in concepts of sensitivity when dealing with confidential information. I was thrilled to receive feedback comments such as 'exceptional attention to detail, confident and excellent communicative skills' on the report.

During year 12, I took part in the 2022 University of Reading Scholars scheme as a student in the Biology strand, which polished my team working and problem-solving skills. Taking part in this demonstrated that I am capable of working collaboratively alongside other Biologist trainees, as well as leading our team in creating a presentation on our diagnosis of a patient based on the symptoms and the patient details that were provided. It showcased my ability to explain issues clearly and solve issues that arose along the way whilst working under pressure.
Further experience with the 'Truepill Pharmacy' taught me the importance of being able to complete tasks in a timely manner and a methodical approach to work which is necessary when analysing a crime scene so that key details are not overlooked.

I was also chosen to engage in the 2019 Brilliant Club Scholar's programme and this assignment enabled me to think critically which is an essential skill for a forensic scientist when examining traces of substances such as blood to associate suspects with a victim or crime scene. My ability to communicate effectively in my written communication was further validated by my graduate level completion of The Edge Programme. My EPQ titled 'Is the Misinterpretation of Forensic Evidence the Largest Factor that Leads to False Convictions of Murder?' has cemented my skills in time management, academic perseverance and independent research skills, giving me an insight on the importance of the precision needed when analysing evidence in a forensic laboratory.
Outside of college, I captain the SMYM Boys football team, which has developed my confidence in making timely, informed decisions. With such skills and experience, I will strive to be an active part of the university community so that I can develop my skills and undertake the role of a Forensic Scientist in future.

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