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What provokes another human being to commit a heinous crime? A question I've been asking myself since adolescence. My genuine thirst for both Psychology and Criminology began whilst studying for my A-level in History; through the topic of World War II and 'The Nazi Regime.'

I attempted to fathom why many native Germans became so absorbed into Hitler's sick ideology; a question I would later have the answer to. "So, why do you want to become a forensic psychologist?" I hear you ask. I am interested in studying both fields in the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of the criminal mind and exploring the adverse effects that crime has on our society.

My passion for Psychology and Criminology has enabled me to enrol on an Access to HE course in Social Sciences; allowing me to further advance my avid interest in reading, particularly on these captivating subjects. Aside from my love of crime fiction literature; Ian Rankin and Stephen King to name a few, I have developed a keen interest in real life studies. Zimbardo's controversial experiment provided me with in-depth answers as to why Germany fell victim to the hands of a destructive leader.

I was able to conclude that we, as individuals are more likely to obey orders from those in an authoritative position; this has stimulated my intellectual curiosity in fundamentalist cults like the 'FLDS,' 'The People's Church' and the current humanitarian crisis caused by 'ISIS' militants. In addition, I was awarded a distinction in my first graded assessment; a prime example of the time, energy and commitment I have invested into this course which highlights my sheer determination to be successful in both fields.

My journey has been an enlightening one. After leaving home at the tender age of eighteen; faced with the prospect of being forced into marriage I fled to London and was taken in by an extended family member who encouraged me to pursue further education. I was able to keep up to date with current affairs in addition to enhancing my independent reading skills; this courageous move gave me the fundamental tools to become the smart, independent and free-thinking individual I am today.

I constructively utilised my newfound freedom and made regular trips to the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice where I had the privilege of watching real-life cases take place in a courtroom. I was so enthralled by my surroundings and carefully analysed every minute detail of the defendant's body language when questioned; the energy was so intense every time. I often found myself in complete disbelief that the 'criminal', had the intent to commit the crime they had been accused of. The questions that race through my mind require answers; such answers only exist in this invigorating and challenging course.

I have acquired a wide range of transferable skills despite my tender years, developed through managerial positions in the civil service and health and beauty sectors. Also, my Eastern and Western roots have enabled me to speak Turkish fluently, in addition to conversational Arabic and German. Moreover, I have visited a number of countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Germany and America.

Being subjected to other cultures has enabled me to adapt to a variety of social situations and integrate with different groups. In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy reading and cooking. I am also awaiting a volunteer placement within HMP Manchester where I will be working alongside offenders and will receive the necessary training to help them rehabilitate.

I believe learning has no limitations and I aim to take on this exciting opportunity to advance my knowledge about the criminal mind and the role that crime plays in our society. This course will further equip me with the essential experience I require to successfully integrate offenders back into society. As quoted by Aristotle: 'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.'

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It took me up until the age of 23 to finally decide what I wanted to do. I received all my five offers from University of Manchester
Manchester Metropolitan University
University of Salford
University of Bolton

Good luck everyone; Follow your dreams!



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