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Business and Finance has always been an eye opener for me, whether it’s waking up to the latest financial news headlines to reading books written by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Peter F Drucker. My choice of independent study has always been business related, even at a young age. From learning, how businesses are run, to understanding resource management that allows businesses to meet consumer demand whilst expanding into other areas such the financial markets. I have payed extra attention to how current events affect economies and businesses on a global scale such as the United Kingdom leaving the European union and the demonetisation of Rs500 and Rs1000 notes in India.

From amassing such knowledge and information about businesses and economies, I fell towards studying how finance is used by economic agents in terms of investing capital into financial schemes such as shares and properties. I then went on creating several demo accounts with brokers to trade on the financial markets with virtual capital, allowing me to explore the markets and learn how to read and analyse charts; testing preferred technical indicators whilst studying market movements whether trends are acting bearish or bullish.

Studying Media at A-Level was definitely the right choice for me, it allowed me to explore a wide variety of different media types, and how it is used everywhere. The area that I found particularly interesting was the manipulation of media content by mass media organisations that lead individuals to purchasing products or services, to forming certain stereotypes and opinions whilst believing false information. I found this both intriguing and alarming at the same time. Furthermore, as part of the course, I had created my sixth form their very own website allowing students and parents, to stay up to date with any news or events that the sixth form is running.

Studying Information and Communication Technology, was invaluable from learning the new developments in technology to ICT system capabilities and the dependence we all now have on technology and how we use it as an aid, to improve both efficiency and effectiveness of tasks. With a magnified interest in future developments and emerging technologies.

In my free time, I enjoy writing reviews on the books I have read during the week, which I post on my blog. I also offer tips and advice on topics such as self-management and social media marketing to my readers on other platforms such as e-mail and social media.

Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote is especially important to me because I personally believe that if you truly love what you do, it becomes a passion; a hobby. After all, work will take up a large percentage of one’s life.

As a student, I have always aspired to higher education at university as I have a committed and positive attitude to learning. I hope that my passion of business and finance, as well as my enthusiasm and determination has been demonstrated and hopefully will be of use when studying Finance at University, which will help learn new skills and overall achieve my full potential.

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Personal Statement was literally written hours before the deadline.[I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS - DO IT EARLY!] However, i hope this helps anyone! This would probably help those who are applying to either finance, business and economics.
(i know, i spoke about media and ICT A- Levels - reason being is because i had problems with the economics and business teachers, ultimately preventing me from taking the courses.) But i did get offers from all of my options!

Good Luck people!!


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