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"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." —Gianni Versace
Consumer culture and how it relates to music, film and social movements is profoundly interesting. Especially in specifically DIY subcultures and scenes, my personal favourite eras in fashion culture are DIY punk and the early club kid scene in New York. These musically and visually raw and home-made expressions act as two sides of the same coin and appeal to me as they were completely independent of expectations made by race, gender, sexuality and economic class.

My love for fashion in society (specifically anti-establishment fashion) was formed at a tender age as my mum was a first-wave punk and exposed me to many festivals and shows which have left a lasting imprint on my personal style.

My own interests lie heavily in independent movements of style, away from what young people were expected to express themselves in an active rebellion against the society they’re made to participate in. Using their own stylistic creativity to carve innovative new conventions that have a lasting effect on personal style to this day.

Studying creative media production has taught me how multimedia and each of its forms are just as important in the expressivity of modern fashion as the clothes themselves. More so since the advent of the internet and social media, which both fosters the growth of youth subculture and its styles while blurring the lines between them entirely.
My main passion within creative media is the visual aspect of the media sector, this combined with my love for fashion and my technical skills in media production have made me more motivated than ever to begin higher education.
Fashion Promotion covers all social, economic and sometimes political ramifications of style movements.

During my time in college, I've released two independently made and published zines, and have made several of my own multi-medium films.
I’m incredibly proud to be currently the volunteer digital marketing officer for a Welsh charity called Proud Valleys and have completed a course in digital marketing with Livity and the Digital Neighborhood.
My hobbies include creating multimedia art using programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, creating looks and outfits for fun, volunteering for local causes such as Proud Valleys and the Iris Film Festival, listening to music and reading up on current trends and social movements.
Studying fashion promotion would help me grow as someone whose goal is to create my own editorial magazine, much like Wonderland and i-D which serve as my main inspiration in modern fashion media. While I’m also interested in creating fashion film and other related media.
Being in college has improved both my organisational and my self-directed work skills, which lead to my award of CAVC’s Widening Participation: Learner of The Year honour, I was so incredibly proud and happy to be nominated for this and it has motivated me to constantly work and improve academically, and in my daily life.

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This is a draft of my personal statement for the fashion promotion at USW, I hope you like it!


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