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When I decided to take English Language for A Level, I did not realise that it would soon become an obsession of mine; I have found myself analysing posters, advertisements and even conversations I hear. It fascinates me to discover more about language as it is a subject that defines us as people.

The human mind is so complex and it is interesting to discover how our language is shaped by the way we think and see the world. Therefore I feel that the study of language will give me the skills I need to further understand human nature. Higher education, I believe, will be the perfect way to study this and I look forward to the opportunities available to me to learn more about my passion in more depth.

Whilst studying English Language at A Level, I have become particularly interested in the study of language in legal contexts; a topic that I have decided to investigate further in my coursework.

The ideas and meanings that can be conveyed through specific words is quite amazing and indeed this is a topic that I am keen on developing a deeper understanding of.

Last year, taking part in the Mock Bar Trial made me realise just how complex the language used in the courtroom was. I relished the pressure the team was under during the event and it was a valuable experience in the importance of teamwork and communication.

During an Open Day visit to a university, "The Language Instinct" by Steven Pinker was recommended to me as an introduction to the ideas of Linguistics and this book motivated me to read another, "The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature".

This is a topic I have a particular passion for and the book has definitely inspired me to study language at University. Pinker's evidence against certain theories of language and thought, in particular Radical Pragmatics, appears to be incredibly convincing.

The subject of Critical Thinking has helped me to develop my analytical skills and it has been very useful in conjunction with my other A Level subjects because it has given me valuable lessons in creating balanced arguments and considering evidence. AS Biology gave me the opportunity to learn more about the human body; something that I have always found to be important whilst studying language.

Whilst studying my GCSEs, I took a course, Theatre Costume, Make-up and Millinery, at a local college to achieve an OCN Level Two qualification. This course helped me to maintain my creativity whilst studying academic subjects.

Within school, I have recently become involved in the creation of a History Club with the aim to produce a book celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of my school. This has given me experience working as both part of a team and also alone to produce to articles within it. My part-time job outside of school, working at a busy branch of Accessorize, has provided me with much independence and confidence in myself.

I love talking to people and my job involves a great deal of this; in fact it has been most useful when considering language in social contexts and power. This job has given me an idea of how "the real world" works and I have gained a degree of responsibility within the role.

Outside of school and work, I enjoy reading widely, especially historical novels; again this has helped me to realise my passion for language, it is such a powerful medium to communicate ideas and feelings.

My interest in both broadcasting and film has given me the idea of a career in journalism and media and I believe that a degree in English Language and Linguistics will give me a thorough knowledge of the power that language holds.

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This personal statement was written by pinky_pinky for application in 2009.

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This got me offers from all 5 universities I applied to:

UCL AAB (firm)
Edinburgh BBB (insurance)
Sussex AAB
York ABB
Kent BC


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Just wanted to say that your

Just wanted to say that your personal statement is the best i've read and has really inspired me.

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