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Writing gives me a degree of control over fate and emotions that no one could ever have in reality, with the exception of a manipulative sociopath. You cannot escape the fact that writing for an audience is an imposition of certain thoughts, ideas, and feelings on the reader. I write to give form to things I imagine, to create my own worlds and because I want to create stories that would linger in the back of my readers' minds and inspire them.

During high school, the Teaching Assistant in English class suggested that I should turn a piece of creative writing into something more than just homework. Reading is a constant pleasure in my life, and I had always imagined how different the stories would be if the characters went down different paths or made the other choice. Wondering what could have happened pushed me to write my own stories, to write the adventures I wanted to read about, but couldn't find anywhere except from within my own imagination.

The books that inspire me are the ones teachers wouldn't recommend. You say: 'Wuthering Heights'. I say: 'Mercy', Rebecca Lim. I enjoy commercial fiction and admire Tabitha Suzuma's writing for its ability to play on the emotional heartstrings of the readers. In 'Forbidden', she writes about taboos, confidently placing her characters into morally difficult situations while still managing to keep the reader sympathetic to their dilemmas. I admire P. C. Cast for her world building, her ability to weave two realms together, creating a world that modern day readers could recognize whilst incorporating her own ideas.

Writing in third person, allows her to give us the big picture, but also give us the desired snippets of the character's thoughts and emotions, enticing the reader to read on, to see how they grow and develop.

I also love myth for the fantastical settings, the interplay between gods and mortals and the great underlying questions that we still ask ourselves today. The Ancient Classical Greek texts such as Homer's 'Odyssey', Euripides' 'Hippolytus' and Sophocles' 'Oedipus' combine humane and fantastical characters, incredibly sharp reversals of fortune and passages of emotional free fall.

When reading about any myths, one has to suspend their disbelief for a moment; remembering their childhood when their grandmothers spoke of fanciful tales, strange superstitions and monsters that would spirit naughty children away.

Currently, I am actively involved with the Writer's Club at my school, helping the first years to develop their writing skills and clarify their ideas. I also was the Head of School Press at my high school, responsible for organizing interviews with Quentin Blake among others, assigning fellow students to write various articles as well as writing articles myself.

In addition, I am a part of an online writing community called Wattpad, where authors of all ages and style share their stories online to be critiqued and supported. It is a place where I can develop my writing skills and be a part of a community where I'm challenged and motived to develop myself as a writer.

I believe I would thrive in an environment where I am encouraged to improve my writing and will receive critique of both tutors and fellow students. I would love to be given the chance to explore different forms of creative works such as screenwriting or journalism, a chance to interpret my stories differently and see it in a new perspective.

I hope that by being accepted onto this course, I will learn how to sharpen my prose to make the experiences of the people in my stories more vivid and aspire to inspire others to pick up a pen to start bringing their fantasy to life.

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It wasn't that hard to put down what I wanted to be in my personal statement, but it was hard to put it down into sentences and write it within 4000 characters and 47 lines. My original was within the 4000 character limit but was over the 47 line limit, so I would advise you to keep an eye on your line limit and count them as you go, or else you'll be finding yourself having to cut and add contractions to your PS.


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