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Studying the Great Depression in the USA in 1929 for my extended project is when I started to fully appreciate my interest in economics. Being able to analyse and argue the issues within my extended project and relate it to the current economic crisis has awakened my passion for the subject further, especially as this subject is covered extensively in the news and media. This shows that economics is an essential factor of our society. Studying this subject in university will equip me with the knowledge to understand the economy thoroughly.

My extended project has improved my research skills, especially when I discovered that when the economy began to decline the US government cut spending excessively, which led to a rise in the unemployment rate. History has repeated itself during the Thatcherite administration and the current Eurozone debt crisis. This shows how politics and economics are essentially symbiotic.
I chose to study maths as I enjoy how it conveys logic in numbers and variables; it has improved my analytical skills. I regularly compete in the maths challenge. I feel maths will definitely be of an advantage during my years in university and when I hopefully enter a career within the field of economics. English language has taught me the ability to tailor written work directed at a particular audience using an appropriate format. Biology and chemistry have allowed me to refine my skills in drawing results from scientific evidence. They have also taught me the importance of precision and attention to detail. These skills can be extended to assessing and evaluating data in the economy.

Outside my academic life, I regularly volunteer to provide domestic childcare. Volunteering in this field of care has undoubtedly improved my responsibility and enhanced my maturity levels which will be advantageous in all aspects of life, as I am working with young children who are dependent on me. Tutoring maths to younger children has taught me to acquire patience in explaining things thoroughly.

As a hobby I enjoy writing short stories and articles and have written for a local newspaper. Participating in the debate club has allowed me to freely express and discuss what I feel strongly about. Earlier this year, I co-set up a family charity "Fragile Minds" which has now expanded into a community charity whose its goal is to fund psychiatric wards in the north of Somalia. At the most recent fund-raising event we raised £645.32 within an hour which was a huge success. I am currently the treasurer of the charity along with another person. This has taught me how to responsibly handle large sums of money and to record and reconcile.

At school I actively took part in the student council and organised a charity event, where we set up a fashion show in which the teachers took part. This was an accomplishment considering such events were unusual in my school. We raised a large sum of money which we donated to charity. For these events to be successful, I needed to be able to communicate well with the students and ask for their opinions and preferences. This helped me gain communication skills which will be essential for a career in economics. I also gained organisational skills which will also be beneficial for me in all walks of life.

Economics is a demanding discipline which I am drawn to. With a professional qualification, knowledge and skills I will be able to critically analyse the economic decisions being made by the government, like David Cameron's Big Society agenda. As a volunteer myself, I know that volunteers cannot replace government spending and an economic policy that accepts this is necessary.

I feel that studying economics will be challenging and yet rewarding as it will give me a greater understanding and more in depth view of the ecomony. I hope that studying this degree will allow me to pursue my ambitions as an economist.

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This personal statement was written by hanacaeser for application in 2012.

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I honestly feel this is one of the best personal statements out there, if not, THE best.


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you have only gone and spelt economics wrong on the second last line

your dumb comment

i really hope that was just a bad joke or you are really dumb


ecomony is now a word?

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