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I initially became interested in healthcare while taking some health related modules in my Sports Science degree and through this I began exploring paths within healthcare.

Since then, being a patient, work experience and watching countless episodes of ’24 Hours in A&E’ has really fuelled my desire to pursue a career within the health profession that is hospital based.

I view Diagnostic Radiography to be challenging, always having to think on your feet to deal with different scenarios followed by a lifetime of learning and it is this that excites me. My passion for science and technology together with the skills I possess and have gained through my jobs, I know that Diagnostic Radiography is the right choice and one I will thoroughly enjoy.

Choosing radiography isn’t a decision I have taken lightly however one I have thought long and hard about.

I have always known what a radiography role would entail however a recent work experience in a hospital spiked my interest greatly. During my placement I shadowed a Surgical House Officer that gave me the opportunity to visit the Surgical Assessment Unit, A&E and several wards for any surgical referrals.

Whilst on placement, I was intrigued by radiography and was given the opportunity to observe a radiographers work for a few hours.

Whilst visiting the radiography department, the genuine interest and unfaltering motivation shown by the radiographer to me highlighted the privilege of having such a stimulating profession. This was brought to the fore whilst the radiographer was performing a chest x-ray at an elderly patient’s bed, who was very upset over her health.

The ease with which the radiographer dealt with the stressful situation to calm the patient down along with ensuring the chest x-ray is done properly, emphasised the importance of the ability to communicate effectively in order to be able to offer support, empathy and encouragement to patients.

I believe I have honed my communication skills as well as attained valuable experience of dealing with people from all walks of life through my previous jobs as a camp director, bar supervisor and sales advisor.

Last year I spent 6 months working in America as a camp director coaching football across 6 states. I coached large camps with various ages alongside managing a team of staff. While at times I was placed in stressful situations and often dealt with issues from parents or campers, I developed communication techniques to deal with various emotions I may face.

Helping these children believe in their ability to achieve not just on the football pitch but in life was one of the most satisfying aspects of this job. As a result of my team work, hard work and motivation, I was given an award for being one of the best coaches out of a 120.

Other activities I enjoy are travelling which I have travelled around 5 countries since graduating last year and enjoy learning about different cultures. I also play football for a local team and hope to continue this at university level.

I’m aware radiography is not a ‘9 to 5’ job and understand it may be antisocial hours alongside being emotionally draining and physically demanding. However I have a strong desire to become a radiographer and view it to have a fascinating career path with opportunities to specialise and progress which I also find important.

Crucially, I know I have the enthusiasm, motivation and academic capabilities required to succeed in such a gratifying profession. My hunger to go the extra mile for people and ability to build strong empathetic relationships accentuates my suitability furthermore.

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Made this last minute for clearing although I'm unsure how effective it actually was on securing a place. Offers and places I applied for:

Sheffield Hallam University: Interview (Successful and will be studying here)
University of Salford: Rejected due to not meeting the grade criteria.
University of Derby: Interview however did not attend as same time as Sheffield interview.
University of Cumbria: Interview

The best thing to do is really get across your passion for radiography, why you're interested in science and technology. Communication skills and wanting to help people is key too, back them up with evidence. I've heard that admission staff hate reading generic statements like 'I've always to do radiography since I was 5'. Also, structure your statement, UCAS has some help on their site on how to structure it.


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