Diagnostic Radiography Personal Statement Example 1

On leaving high school, I decided to take a gap year to give myself time to refocus and reassess what I actually wanted to do. During this gap year, I first became interested in Radiography when working for the Macmillan Cancer Support Service. This really opened my eyes to the needs of people suffering from cancer. It was here that I came across radiography, as therapeutic radiographers play a vital role in the care of cancer patients. This sparked an interest in a possible career in radiography.

I carried out research into radiography and I was particularly interested in diagnostic radiography. I was fascinated by the use of the range of technology used and also being involved in patient care. Thereafter, I completed a work experience at Royal Brompton Hospital where I shadowed a radiographer. I attended General X-ray, CT scanning and Fluoroscopy and I also witnessed a radiographer perform a PICC line insertion to a patient. I was deeply inspired by the work of the Radiographer. This experience gave me further insight into the role of a radiographer and confirmed that radiography was the career for me. I am now hoping to secure part time work within a hospital department to increase my knowledge and experience of working in health care.

I have since enrolled on an access to radiography (OCNLR) program at Kensington & Chelsea College, to prepare me for the scientific courses I will undertake in my degree, I have a particular interest in physics, anatomy & physiology, as it gives me a understanding of radiation and the bodily processes involved in radiography. I In addition to my work for Macmillan, I have also worked for the Aspinall foundation as a fundraiser on both London streets and door to door. The role of a fundraiser increased my compassion and willingness to go help people who are sick and vulnerable.

My experience living in boarding school has taught me valuable skills. Being a senior, I had the part of looking after younger children in my house, which enabled me to become a more responsible person, as I had to usher messages between students and pupils, as well as monitor students during prep times. I also had the role of organising sport events for junior teams. When interacting with patients, a responsible, organised and tactful approach is required in order to provide high quality care. Boarding school also provided me with an opportunity to work as a team. Therefore I am able to co-operate with others, and also work independently. As a radiography is it important to be able to work within a multidisciplinary team and I will also be required to work independently. I attended an Outward Bound leadership program and a result of this I am more assertive. This program also helped me to develop my problem solving skills, skills which are important for a radiographer to have.

Being active is important to me. My recreational activities include a wide range of sporting activities. These are Football (representing my school at first team level for this sport), Squash and MMA. I believe these activities will be useful to me as radiographers are hardly ever stationary they have to be physically fit to move patients into the right position, in order to produce a good image. I also intend to pursue my sporting activities at University level. Apart from this, enjoy volunteering in various youth events at my local church. Through my love of travelling, I have learnt about different cultures which is also important, as working as a Radiographer will involve interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds. Earning a diagnostic degree in university will give me the building blocks I will need to work in the NHS as a qualified radiographer. I would eventually like to further my studies, to get to the highest pinnacle of this profession.

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