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Raised by a specialist ENT doctor, I always had a predisposed idea as to the type of profession I would pursue. Observing my father at work and witnessing the close relationships he created with his patients while diagnosing and reassuring them, has influenced my decision to read dentistry in university.

My A-level courses reflect my passion, while consolidating, and supporting my motivation for the dentistry profession, as each subject has taught me essential skills in preparation for the challenges of university and dentistry degree. Mathematics has helped with my problem solving, logical thinking, and time management skills, whilst biology and chemistry have helped further my interest and develop my analytical skills.

Having enjoyed the practical aspects of my biology and chemistry lessons, my decision to read dentistry in university was reinforced.

Tutoring children aged 7-13 has enabled me to develop my commitment, endurance, and communication skills. Although initially challenging, I provided emotional and intellectual support to pupils, helping them to successfully progress within their subjects. I am privileged to have learned useful new skills from this tremendously gratifying work-placement.

My experience in retail orientates towards customer service and has taught me excellent communication, time management, organisational skills, and how to remain calm during periods of high pressure. These, I believe are fundamental skills essential for a career in dentistry.

Currently, I am about to commence a two-week work placement in a dental practice, which will give me the opportunity to observe the construction of veneers, bridges, and crowns, expectantly leading to more complex procedures of endodontic, dental implants, tooth whitening and bonding. I am looking forward to the challenges of this complicated, yet strengthening role, as I believe this experience will demonstrate the versatility of a dentistry career. Being a mentally challenging hands-on profession, I understand that success in this field is highly dependent on good dentist-patient interactions and mutual understanding with other staff.

Outside academia, I enjoy reading a variety of books and articles. As an avid reader of and the dentistry section from my awareness of dentistry and related aspects are kept up-to-date, while gaining acquaintance with dental terminologies. I have a huge enthusiasm for languages, and am currently in the process of teaching myself German from various cassettes and internet programmes, hoping to proceed further to GCSE standard sometime in the future.

Participating in the after-school basketball and tennis programmes has led to my continued involvement in these sports, which I have found to be a useful ingredient for character building, whilst enhancing my determination, concentration, self-discipline, and teamwork skills. I have also taken part in school drama productions such as 'Black History Month' and 'Peer Pressure', which improved my confidence in public speaking.

Through my extra-curriculum activities and prior experiences, I have maintained an unwavering approach to dentistry as a profession. Aware of its demands and endless study of information about recent breakthroughs, I believe I possess the necessary skills required to be a successful student of dentistry.

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This personal statement was written by unleashed_L for application in 2007.


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great personal statments,

great personal statments, near perfection. what i like best is the way you related your extra curricular activity with its benefit in relation to dentistry. also, your dental experience is superb.

i think you are a ponce to be

i think you are a ponce to be quite honest my darling

bet this got you in though ;)

wooa calm it ^ pretty good :)

wooa calm it ^

pretty good :)

for two comments above..

i think this ensures u will get a life, beyond spending pointless time leaving negative comments on other people's personal statements for no reason...!

pure quality...well done. :D

pure quality...well done. :D

grammar wasn't great, sounded

grammar wasn't great, sounded slightly disjointed so i am assuming english is not your first language.

Some people that write these

Some people that write these negative post are quite clearly jealous as this is a fantastic personal statement! They probably never got into dental school and expect no-one else will. Its a shame people like that are out there, just want to put you down rather than encourage or offer constructive criticism instead. Sad Bastards

Very well written! Regarding

Very well written! Regarding the person that was slabbering- take no heed- they clearly are an uneducated, jealous, egotistical moron that can't credit other people's good work! Well done!

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