Dentistry Personal Statement Example 6

I am very committed to follow the career path to become a dentist. I have been inspired by an Aunt who is a dentist and has made me realise that it is a demanding occupation however this has done little to sway my enthusiasm. I am a very dedicated, driven, passionate, caring person. I enjoy working with people and being able to help others

The subjects I am currently studying are Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. I feel that this broad subject combination would be useful for Dentistry, as it would provide a good command of the Dental discipline and also good communication skills for understanding and dealing with patients. I particularly enjoy the practical side to my chemistry lessons

I have worked at three different Dental practices. These experiences have proven to be very informative and have reinforced that Dentistry is definitely the profession for me, heightening my enthusiasm. The work is very dynamic and challenging and involves interacting with many different types of people. At one of the practices I was given the opportunity to shadow an Orthodontist. This has made me very keen to learn more about the various specialist fields available in Dentistry. There are numerous technical procedures to reinsure patients, which will require me to use my range of peoples skills

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with two voluntary organisations. For the past four years I have helped out with the Secret Santa Scheme during the Christmas period. This has involved me helping out on a store, promoting the scheme and encouraging people to contribute. Currently I am also working as a volunteer at a drop in centre with refugees and asylum seekers. I really enjoy working there as I am able to help others, meet many different types of people whilst also acquiring a range of new skills. My fluency in the Persian/Farsi language has come of great use at the centre. This is because there are a lot of people who are unable to speak the English language therefore I step in as an interpreter in order to help them communicate. For example, I often interpret between a client and fellow colleagues. The job requires punctuality and a great deal of responsibility which will definitely come of use within my future professional career

I participate in various extra curricular activities. I have gained the Junior Sports Leader Award in recognition of my work as a sportswoman. I play netball, basketball, badminton and tennis. I also enjoy singing and writing song lyrics. I have participated in many performance art events. Last year I sang on stage to a crowd of over 3000 people, which I found challenging but very rewarding. At university I hope to continue in increasing my sporting achievements

Over the years my range of skills have increased; through my work experience, extra curricular activities and studying. I am an excellent communicator. I work well individually and in a team. I think that I am quite creative as I love putting new ideas into practice. I am confident always trying to achieve my best possible result

I have a bright extrovert personality. I am friendly, I always approach everything with enthusiasm and I am always ready to contribute

I would be extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to become a Dentist. I feel this profession holds such an essential and vital role in society. I believe my dedication for this career and passion for helping others will allow me to one day become a valued member of this competitive and demanding profession

I am very competitive, second place is rarely good enough for me. I think I have gathered this from my sporting background where second place counts for very little.

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good ps

looking at your personal statement i relise all the stuff that i have missed out on mine i havn no expereince in a dental practice i tried looking for work but there was no luck i really hope u got into ur course as ur statement provided a very strong and positive vibe and showed u really are determend to become a good and dedicating dentist. good luck.

great personal statment, but

great personal statment, but i think you should remove the last sentence.
also, i feel as if this essay and all the previous ones are very similar as if they were written based on the same person's experiences

persians do it best

persians do it best

where do you study now??


alan koja mikhoonid?dentistry?which uni?


Say, you got a nice blog. Fantastic.

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