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From a very early age dentistry has always had a strong impact on me, both in terms of being mentally challenging and also as a 'hand-on ' profession. This has now become even more so due to my older sister currently working as a general dental practitioner having graduated from Cardiff University

I have always enjoyed helping and caring for others and also have for the last six years been caring for our elderly 85 year old neighbor. This apportunity has helped me to realise the great satisfaction that could be achieved whilst working within the caring profession

Due to my very keen interest in dentistry I specifically chose to study Biology and Chemistry at advanced level. I also decided early on that I would carry out my GCSC work experience within a local Dental practice for a period of two weeks. This dental surgery was a NHS single-handed practice and helped me to understand various aspects of working within a busy surgery.

During my GCSC year I had successfully completed Peer Mentoring course, which helped to deal with stressed individuals by empathy and understanding their problems and aspirations Following on from this, after my AS exams I once again spent two weeks gaining experience this time within a larger co-operate practice in Chepstow.

During that period I under took various functions including working within the reception area, booking appointments, using their newly computerized systems and observing various dentists at work. I found that this provided me with a further insight into day-to-day dental management

My hobbies and interests include listening to music and playing sport. I play Badminton, Basketball, Table tennis, and Football and have also recently taken up Tennis. Playing both individual games and team sports has helped me to work well on my own, developed a positive mental attitude and also to work well as part of a team

Looking to the future, I would appreciate the opportunity to fulfill my ambition of working within the dentistry profession. I feel I have a strong desire, good communication skills and the commitment to undertake the study of dentistry.

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could u help me wth mine coz im stuk


Awesome p.s. .. wish mine could be like this.. :(

spelling needs to be checked,

spelling needs to be checked,
perhaps more could be added on your interest for science

sounds good but i can't say

sounds good but i can't say ive got experience anywhere because i don't will that look bad like im not really interested?


Isn't it a GCSE?? very good statement though :)

i was gettin depressed

i was gettin depressed reading that statement... its well sik.. wish i cud do mine like tha!! =| i dunno how to strt mine?

Link in your hobbies with

Link in your hobbies with dentistry.

I.e. I play ____, which requires time management and organisation - fundamental for dentistry. etc.etc.

TIPS FOR introduction

TIPS FOR introduction

- Write what made you WANT to do dentistry (i.e. Oral health has always been the upmost of my agenda)

- Write the qualities you have. Not just the skills required for the profession:

Instead of : "Dentistry requires a large amount of skills spanning from organisation to communication."

With: "My role as _____ has helped me to develop a committed character"

Also, you could write an experience:
"Always wanted to do dentistry due to bullying in school concerning my oral health" etc.


this is not so great

Bad PS

This has got to be the most boring P.S for dentistry i have ever seen. Need to use more variety of vocab. Also you need to explain why you really wanted to persue dentistry. I bet the admission tutor won't be very interested that your older sister also did dentistry, in fact they don't give a shit.

by the way its pUrsue not

by the way its pUrsue not persue.

baddd :(

this personal statement is really poor. my first draft is way stronger than this... did you get into dentistry???

I would say this personal

I would say this personal statement is average. It need to involve your interest in science though - no offence, but i wouldn't use this as a great example of a personal statement applying for dentistry.

wow...this isn't very good at

wow...this isn't very good at all. i wonder who rated four stars

I am 18, I still have braces.

I am 18, I still have braces.
You're going into a system that fails.
Did I mention?


sorry I am currently working on my PS as well. i thought mine is bad. this is terrible! you need a lot of work my friend

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