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I became interested in dentistry because I have always wanted to be involved in a profession where I am helping people and I am very interested in the human biology. I want to study dentistry over the obvious choice of medicine because as a doctor you are constantly passing a patient along a chain of other doctors, whereas a dentist can treat a patient straight after diagnosing a problem. Also I like that a patient will be your patient for quite some time, building a good relationships with that person

When choosing my AS level subjects initially I wasn't certain of the course I would take at university, this is the reason I do not have chemistry already. However when it became apparent to me that dentistry was the course for me, I decided to drop PE and take chemistry as an AS level, while carrying on my other subjects at A2 level. I hope this demonstrates my dedication to get onto this course

The hard work I put into my AS levels paid off and I feel I can repeat the success for both my A2 levels and the chemistry AS level, as do my teachers who have predicted the same. I have always enjoyed the rewards of education, and I intend to carry on this through and beyond university, specialising in a field as orthodontics or dental implants. Aside from academic achievement I feel there are a number of other things I can bring to the course. I have always been a hands on person, and I find any thing with practical work rewarding. I got an A in GCSE art and I feel that creativity and hand eye co-ordination is essential in dentistry. I did hold a part-time job as a sales assistant, which meant that I had to put agitated customers at ease and had to work to deadlines set by the manager. The reason I am no longer in the job is because I feel my education takes priority over part-time work and so I left to concentrate on my AS levels. I now referee children's games at weekends, this has helped me develop the ability to calm children down whilst getting them to follow my instructions. I have always been 'good with children', and I think refereeing has helped me relate to them further, this is one reason I would like to specialise in orthodontics

My work experience took place at Cambray Dental Cheltenham, which I found helped me greatly in choosing my course. I found out that as a dentist you have to deal with patients from all walks of life, which I would find very interesting. I saw many treatments from a simple filling to implants which helped me see the work that I would be doing from day to day, and the responsibilities that would be placed upon me, which I feel suit me very well. From talking with the dentists I found out it is a very stressful profession and that some patients are very difficult to deal with. However I have always been very good at dealing with stress, and past experience shows I could help the most agitated patients

I am a keen sportsman, I have colours for the school football team, I play for a team outside school, I am a part of the school table tennis club, and play many other sports for leisure. Music is also a big part of my life, I listen to all types of music, from rock to soul music, which I find helps me to relax. My other hobbies include films (anything from comedy to thrillers), reading (crime and sports books) and socialising with friends

In short I feel that dentistry is a course suited very well to me, and that I can be an asset to the dental profession.

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thats a really brilliant

thats a really brilliant personal statement. i think the way its structures has been done really well :)

i just feel that this limits

i just feel that this limits you since you say that you want to specialise in orthodontics before entering the profession... if you keep options open it makes you more appealing.

wow! GREATO!

i like this statement


amazing work... i really think this statement is good... keep it up....
could you help me with mine... im really stuck!!!!
i think the way you've layed it out and all is great and the language used is very sophisticated.....
you have done very well..
good luck with your applcications!


Did you get accepted to attend an interview with this statement?


Did you get accepted to attend an interview with this statement?


I have only AS level chemistry and it sounds like I am 100% in the same position as you! I now have my heart set on dentistry, and it is all that I aspire to do, however I often recieve comments like "You couldnt want it that much if you dint pick it in the first place." But I found that I was not confident at the start of college and doubted myself. However, after a a few months of studying Maths and Biology I realised I am capable of achieving what I want and I wont let it slip through my hands! So I am doing it next year at AS Level. I have one problem though...
Which universities are you applying for?!? Barely any will let you enter without Chem to A level and this is a huge drawback for me..

Do you have any advice on how you approached dentistry at univerity? I find it extremely stressful and sometimes irritating. :(


A round of applause for your blog post. Will read on...

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