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I have always felt that we, as humans, have an inborn desire to want to help others. Having been raised amongst doctors, this passion has blossomed into a responsibility I am beginning to understand, through my choice of studies and extra curricula.

I believe dentistry is my permanent source of satisfaction, providing the best of professional, and personal aspects of life. Today, dentists do more than drill and fill their patients' teeth; they improve the quality of life of people through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral diseases and conditions involving teeth and surrounding tissues.

The statement, 'as long as people will have mouths, people will need dentists' highlights how a dentist is an imperative necessity of the society and has convinced me to pursue dentistry as a means of serving the community.

To gain an insight into the real world of dentistry I joined the dental unit in a private hospital. Here, I observed many procedures including Root Canal Treatment. Collaboration with staff and interaction with patients proved fascinating. The idea of how dentists give patients from all walks of life a confident smile, and forge a close bond with them over time impressed me.

Moreover, shadowing inspirational figures such as my Aunt, who taught me the fine traits of a dentist; a dentist I worked with; and reading successful dentists' interviews online has enlightened me to the commitment required, likewise, the challenges which lie ahead. Knowing I am capable, as reflected by my academic achievements, my fervour to fulfil my ambition as dentist has intensified - with no trace of doubt in my mind.

I worked in my school canteen as an accountant; I was then promoted to a manager and was the first student to become one. As manager I had to multitask: train employees, delegate work, command and monitor my subordinates despite their seniority, tackle pressure, make quick decisions, accommodate customers and respond to complaints.

Handling canteen matters alongside attending lessons taught me time management which will help me become an efficient dentist. In addition, I worked at a preschool with children from a myriad of countries. Among them was a disabled child.

This taught me to be unprejudiced, appreciate diversity and enhanced my interactive skills, which are essential as dentistry is a social practice. I also volunteered at a charity art exhibition which aided my communication skills, and ability to follow orders.

As for extracurricular activities, athletics has played a major role in my life. It has aided my fitness, stamina, eye to hand co-ordination, reflexes to varied stimuli and ability to rise up to challenges. Individual activities have promoted my independence, whereas team sports have enhanced my teamwork and interpersonal skills.

In addition, captainship has boosted my leadership and organisational skills as well as sense of responsibility and discipline.

To counter the stress from studies, I engage myself in card games which have developed my strategic thinking.

I also listen to music, watch TV, socialise with my friends, bake and read. Frequent hand stitching and clay modelling have improved my precision and manual dexterity considerably, which are vital since dentistry encompasses an artistic flair.

Besides admiring England's education and greenery, completing my studies in the country where my schooling initially began would be an honour beyond words. Due to my father's job in Riyadh, I wasn't able to continue; now is my chance. My Irish nationality has facilitated my annual visits to the UK and familiarity to the country; hence, moving will be a smooth transition. I believe my dedication to my future career, coupled with my skills and attributes will help me adapt to university life and guarantee me success in this demanding profession.

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This personal statement was written by hirakay for application in 2010.

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I got 3 interview calls for Dentistry, plus an interview for bio chem engineering.


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That's brilliant, how did you

That's brilliant, how did you manage to write it?=)

Probably one of the best

Probably one of the best personal statements I have ever read. Very eloquent, straight-forward, and well-written.

wow, I am only left with one

wow, I am only left with one word after reading this statement...perfection

this is by far the best

this is by far the best personal statement i have just flows amazingly well!!

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