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Due to my compassionate nature and love for the sciences I have since long known that I would be best suited to a career in healthcare. Dentistry stood out from other fields of work because it had the additional aspect of intricate manual work, something which I want to be a feature of my everyday job. I am good at working in a team, communicating well and being conscientious of others but I also embrace the opportunity to lead and work on my own, the extra demands and responsibilities all taken in my stride. The challenging environment that dentistry offers I know will keep my mind sharp and active, while its ever-expanding field satisfies my thirst for scientific knowledge.

In order to get a better insight into dentistry I spent several days this previous summer in various dentistry settings, giving me a total of four working weeks (20 days) work experience. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, finding all the work from orthodontics to implants highly interesting, and realised the importance of the relationships dentists held with their patients. After talking to various dentists about the work I realise how stressful and frustrating some cases and patients can be. This hasn't deterred me in the least though as I know my patience, determination and (perhaps most importantly) my sense of humour will see me through such situations. The highlight of my work experience was the opportunity to assist the dentist by playing the role of the nurse. It was exciting to see just what it was like to work inside someone's mouth and be involved with caring for the patient. All in all, my experiences of dentistry have only served to strengthen my desire to become a dentist.

Away from academic work I still like to keep active, as I'm quite an energetic character. I play the alto saxophone and flute in several ensembles, which while taking consuming has improved my confidence and has been rewarding. While I do get a buzz from playing a solo, and everyone collectively creates an awesome sound in a symphonic orchestra, I much prefer smaller, more intimate sized groups. In these groups all the skills of musicianship are put to use such as sight reading, communicating through body language, and of course making a good sound. While everybody has to work with together, each players' character is able to come through in the music creating an individual sound and by the time the performance comes around we're all familiar friends. Music has also taken me many exciting and different places such as the Albert Hall with the Jazz band and Cardiff's Millennium Centre with the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales (NYWOW). I have been a member of the NYWOW for two successive years and am auditioning again this autumn in the hope of being able to attend the course and perform with them for the third year running.

For sport I do karate in which I'm a seventh kyu, and am taking my next exam this October. I recently came first at the British Championships for both kata and kumite in the femle &th - 4th kyu category. It's good fun as well as challenging, and I enjoy the company in our class. I also do a bit of salsa dancing, purely to relax and have nice time. I may not be the most elegant of dancers but I still enjoy myself.

Within school I help the younger musicians in the school orchestra and wind band, and have helped prepare groups for competitions and students for their exam performances. Calming younger children before performances as well as advising them how to improve their playing without offending them has made me excellent with children and juniors. I've contributed to the annual senior Christmas Party held at our school in several ways, by providing entertainment through playing music or by simply acting as the waitress. I have also represented our school with two others as Brazil in the model United Nations, where I debated world politics in main chamber and negotiated with other "countries" to get their support for new motions to be passed.

While I know the road to becoming a dentist is a demanding one I know my passion for the sciences combined with the determination and desire to become a dentist will help me overcome all obstacles throughout the course and beyond.

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This personal statement was written by Alex5 for application in 2007.

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05.10.07- lines long and am already 4 characters over the limit at the beggining of my last paragraph. Any ideas to improve or cut down this personal statement would be appreciated.

Applying to Newcastle, Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to tell you whether I got the interviews as soon as the uni's reply.

27.11.07 - Had my interview at Newcastle today. Dont know if they were all that impressed - i did ramble on a bit. Oh, and if anybody goes for a dentistry interview make sure you know who the secretary of health is first! It was my downfall. Funnily enough nobody else who was going or an interview seemed to know. Thnanks for the comment studential.


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i think you took a great care

i think you took a great care in emphasizing you passion for your hobbies whithout stating why would it be related to your passion for dentistry. you also added too many details in explaining your preference in playing music for small group. altough, it is very nicely written, i don't think it is relevation to why you want to be a dentist. overall, this essay was one of the top best written ones that are posted on this site.

its very good.

its very good.

This is very good. Did you

This is very good. Did you get any offers?

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