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I am fascinated with dentistry because I love to network and build computers.

If I spoke these words aloud, many people would scratch their heads and appear confused. At first glance, this statement appears absurd. On a closer look, however, it makes perfect sense.

When I work on computers, I must operate within a tiny space inside a computer cache, taking extreme care to avoid damaging the delicate equipment. As a dentist, I will also perform my duties within the smallest of spaces, using tiny instruments on fragile surfaces.

Of course, there is a crucial distinction between building a computer and providing dental care. While both fields allow me to employ my manual skills, only one has the significant interpersonal component that I seek in a career. While I am grateful to the computer technician who corrects glitches in my operating system, I have far more gratitude to the orthodontist who straightened my teeth as a child.

To glimpse the daily duties of a dentist, I spent this summer actively acquiring work experience in several branches of dentistry. For one month, I shadowed two dentists in general practice, both offering NHS and private treatment. I learnt to make dentures by working with my orthodontist for two weeks and spent several days observing activity at Orpington's Oral and Maxillofacial department. I also attended dental lectures in a Medisix course held at Nottingham University.

These experiences further convinced me that dentistry is the profession that correctly combines my mechanical aptitude with my desire for interpersonal interaction. Observing each dentist, I concluded that a common thread of skills united them all, regardless of their speciality: each dentist worked well on a team, exercised strong leadership skills and possessed the ability to communicate clearly and precisely.

Through my volunteer activities, I have learned to connect with people from a variety of ages and social backgrounds. Volunteering at a primary school, I used a soothing tone and simple vocabulary to put children at ease. While working at a home for disabled adults, I learned to gauge the emotional state of each resident and tailor my conversational style and content appropriately. For example, I discovered that thorough explanations often quelled the anxiety of those who appeared nervous about a medical or personal situation.

Having attained three gold certificates in the National Mathematics Challenge, I have the academic mettle to handle this demanding course. I also possess the flexible mind required to adapt to new advances in the field. Whether earning a bronze medal in a national competition as a brown belt in karate or playing cricket for my sports team, I have readily embraced and excelled at new challenges.

Discussions with undergraduate dental students have only reinforced my decision to pursue dentistry. I embrace the opportunity to put my communication, academic and mechanical skills to use as I work to maintain the oral health of my patients.

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this is impressive. good luck

this is impressive. good luck!


great PS gd luck!

grammar ?

How about "I learned" instead of "I learnt"




top personal statement! did u get in?

not bad

ur personal statement is pretty gd

this is an excellent personal

this is an excellent personal statement!

THis is amazing!!!!!!

THis is amazing!!!!!!


i am currently trying to start my persaonl was a great help as i was unable to find any other examples on the was very sure got in......all the best....

hey this is pretty gd stuff,

hey this is pretty gd stuff, well dne! hope u got in..

ok whoa! to tell the truth

ok whoa! to tell the truth you lost my attention in two sentences. Sorry but good luck.

Top Notch

Well this is really great stuff ent it i hope ur career as a dentist goes well


I will be critical here:

It is a very interesting and original approach and some of your statements are very ammending. However, it appears as if you are more interested in a course of Computing (or combined with dentistry) than Dentristy itself. Your statement lacks further support for any medicine/biological/chemical sense except for the work experience.

pretty good... interesting...

pretty good... interesting...

However I think it is lacking in the more PERSONAL aspect. Most graduate schools don't want a narrative of your resume. They can read about all that in other parts of your application.

They want to know that you are sensitive, open-minded, enthusiatic, & sincere with a humanitarian perspective. They want to know that you appreciate diversity and culture, and that you view a patient's dental health as a right rather than a privilege.

Good luck.

What about the science bit? I

What about the science bit? I had the opinion that dentistry is very challanging and requires the acedemic skill and determinination to suceed. This statement just gives me the impression that you are a computer geek.
good luck though

Problem with the statement

Just a tip but orthodontists do not make Dentures!!! Think the admission tutors may spot that mistake and realise you may not have done the work experiance you claim

this is very original. the

this is very original. the thing about computers at the start is a top idea

I hate to mention this to

I hate to mention this to "guest at 22:10:47 14/12/2005" but DENTISTS ARE NOT FAILED MEDICS. This personal statement will grab the readers attention which is exactly what applicants should aim for, well done writer. I am a 3rd year dental student and if I wanted to be a medic I would have applied to do medicine. The dental course is just as intense as Medicine, if not more so. There is a real shortage of dentists. When we graduate we are guaranteed a job, do the hours we want to do and don't suffer from depression as many medics do and earn one hell of a wage. "Guest at 22:10:47 14/12/2005" needs to get his feet back on the ground with his "AAA at A-level, a first-class arts degree, and a seriously prestigious academic prize" because with the attitude you won't get anywhere. To the writer of the personal statement: Good luck with a top career in Dentistry! Dentists RULE

Dentists Rule!

I agree completely with everything 'guest at 13:55:27 05/09/2006' sed. Dentists Rule!

Good statement

Pretty intense, but good. And yeah im fed up with people saying dentists are failed medics, i meet the requirements for both, but i want to be a DENTIST therefore i choose DENTISTRY, i could tell you a fun place to shove your 'prestigous academic award'

Maybe if you had gone/go to

Maybe if you had gone/go to university u wouldn't/won't have to work in Mcdonalds anymore. :)

There is far too much ego

There is far too much ego present in this statement--"I." Contrary to common belief, personal statements should limit the usage of "I." That is not to say that you shouldn't use it at all, but rather to present your personal statement in such a way that is more concrete--more factual, eventhough it may not be; the reader should already know that your personal statement is a reflection of the writer, so there is no need to keep telling "who."
Secondly, "learnt" is the wrong form of the past tense of learn; it should actually be "learned."

I'm sorry but gues 22:10:47

I'm sorry but gues 22:10:47 14/12/2005

with three A's you should be guarenteed a place in medical school i dont believe you there isnt much else a medical school can ask for....experience and the grades and you have that. i mean if they are accepting people that do a foundation year or accepting nurses then you shouldnt have much of a problem...

How old are you?

How old are you?


I think this opens really well. I love the comparison thing, lateral thinking shows intelligence but I think it lacks information about you on a personal level.

great help, even though I am

great help, even though I am looking at medicine. Thanks

Good, but a little bull?

I really liked your statement. Having an orthodontist showing you how to make dentures seems a little odd though.


Ur PS is not that great but there are some good sentences which are impressive. Just wondering if U could get in ?

Ok, being honest... this is

Ok, being honest... this is some good, impressive original writing and you have certainly shown you have delicate hands for the job... but this isn't an imaginative writing task. It is your personal statement, and although it is crucial you interest the reader at the very start, it is important that you stay on track and consider more important things. For example, you spent such a long time at the start trying to qualify having delicate hands, but so do many people, and it is more than a pair of hands that shows a potential applicant's capability for dentistry. You really do need to qualify other parts that make for a good dentist such as health care, interst in biochemistry (because thats the main thing you will be studying). Also, there is no problem bringing computers into the statement but please don't make computers the whole statement, it makes it sound like you have chosen the wrong course. If you are really do have a passion for computers, and if you ask me, assembling computers is certainly an impressive skill, you should be considering software/hardware engineering, computer science etc. Anyways, some good stuff in the middle good luck.

the personal statment is very

the personal statment is very clinical. you need to add a bit of you and your interest in science. it also comes across as quite arrogant. i hope you get in!!!!!!! an dentists are NOT failed medics. that person isn't even a medic he hasn't got in to uni!!! so bog off!!!!

Liking the starter!

Liking the starter!

help needed

liked it alot!! well done
was wonderin if ne1 cud help me with writing mine. every1 seems to have something amazing that happened in the past that made them reliz they wanid 2 b a dentist buh i got nothing, i jus knw i wana do it. hmmm need a good openin line, ne1 tips? xx

This is one of the brilliant

This is one of the brilliant prsonal statements I'v read so far!!

original opening but...

after the interesting link it got extremely boring and there was a severe lack of detail about the volunteer work and the language of the whole piece could have been seriously revamped to a better standard

I agree that this stement is


think again!

well, i've got to hand it to you -you gave me a laugh! i'd love to know if you ever did get into dental school - and who let you in with that! arse-y isnt a quality that works well for dentists- and the 'shock' factor is tacky...i assume thats what you were going for. i'd be pleasantly surprised if you didnt have a black eye from an irate patient by now. fear brings out the worst in them. that aside, its got hee-haw to do with computers- except to type up your notes... and i believe last time i checked it was prosthodontists who fabricate dentures! every applicant who considers applying is going to have the grades....the selection is based purely on interview and whether or not you seem committed enough to get your head around a full clearance in a grotty mouth at 9am on a monday morning -generally in a patient so uptight you have a moving target for the duration.. and you cant lose your temper. yes, we are handsomely rewarded for our efforts...but we spend 8hours a day in a tight space working back to front and upside down in a mirror 12mm across. Without losing it. you may have been better to mention an interest in buiding matchstick structures -at least the frustration element would have been comparable. that said i love the profession - qualified 6yrs ago with a distinction...did some postgrad stuff to keep it interesting, now train new graduates ,and know i better keep quiet about the lot of it... cos if you want to show off you'd be better joining the white coat brigade and giving yourself an easy ride in medicine (where the nurses pretty much do everything for you anyway). if you are thinking to apply for medicine on the form and putting dentistry as a 'backup' forget it- we wont entertain you. and it isnt a fallback- with fewer places its more competetive than medicine... and twice as well paid.happy drilling!




the ps is really good. i would like 2 knw if you really got in. it makes me wonder that only people with high grades n qualifications can make it to a dental school in US. i am a dental graduate from a foreign country who wishes to further my studies in grades were average. will i get thru if i apply?

so gay

this p.s is so sad u should have become an IT teacher instead.....

so gay

this p.s is so sad u should have become an IT teacher instead.....
i luv the comment 'think again'
btw am a dentist and hate computers

This statement is for someone

This statement is for someone who doesn't really know what he is talking about. Learning how to make dentures from orthodontist ?! In two weeks! I'm a dentist and I lost all my interest in finishing the statement at this point.. Using this statement is just like you are asking for rejection letter.

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