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My initial exposure to taking dentistry as a prospective career path came on a family holiday to India, where I resided with my cousin who is a self-employed practising dentist. Here I learnt the real extent to which dentistry is a career, which can truly improve the quality of people's lives. Furthermore, I witnessed the close relationships that a dentist creates with his patients, and I therefore find the combination of meeting and working with new people and diagnosis very stimulating. Dentistry is also a career which allows a great deal of scientific application along with patient care and allows me to make use of my manual skills. In addition, I believe that dentistry is an ever expanding sector which provides endless opportunities for further study and specialisation, whilst at the same time providing a secure, fulfilling and worthwhile career

My decision to read dentistry was reinforced by my work experience at Priory Dental Practice and Clive Harris and Associates Dental Health On this, I witnessed a number of complex procedures such as tooth crowning, dental implants, tooth bleaching and endodontic procedures

At their in house dental laboratory I witnessed the construction of bridges, veneers, crowns and moulded dentures and even had the opportunity to take impressions of a set of teeth. This experience showed me that dentistry is a multi-faceted career and success is highly dependant on good dentist-patient interactions and mutual understanding between both parties, along with collaborations with other staff allowing for the most efficient and effective administration of treatments. I believe that a dentist needs to be at the same time; a highly skilled physician, a psychologist, a business manager, but above all a leader and communicator. Therefore studying Economics at AS-level has given me an insight into the economic and business practicalities of running a dental practice

Away from academia, I believe that I have fulfilled my potential in many areas of school life and beyond, I have represented numerous sports teams; including rugby and athletics teams, specialising in the shot put, this has obviously taught and increased my confidence, communication and teamwork skills, which has led to many successes in the sports arena and beyond. Although, my greatest passion is Badminton which has immensely improved my hand to eye co-ordination and reflexes, I have represented the City of Birmingham badminton squad since the age of 13, and am continually motivated to attend training sessions, with the ultimate goal of achieving county status

At the moment, I am about to commence a training process, which will eventually see me befriending terminally ill children at Acorns Children's Hospice. I am looking forward to the challenge of this difficult, yet mentally strengthening role. I believe that I will learn important lessons and will gain much from the experience. I have also recently completed an emergence first aid course, which provided in-depth knowledge of common medical emergencies

I am a senior prefect within the school community, a position of great responsibility, which involves working with the staff of the school to help with its smooth running. Duties have included assisting at important days for the school such as open days and the eleven plus entrance exam. The role has also required a time commitment during the school day and beyond. I was also elected a sports prefect for Year 7, with the emphasis being placed on participation in school and housing activities, and to create better relationships with members of upper school. I have also sat as a representative on the sixth form council as well as chairman for the form council

I believe I have an eagerness to meet the challenges I know dentistry will present. I am enthusiastic, excited and motivated, and armed with enough compassion and confidence to enter the world of dentistry. And believe it will allow me to make a thorough contribution to my social and academic life as a student of dentistry.

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Great! What year did you

Great! What year did you apply in? What unis did u get in 2?

amazing ! just every word

amazing ! just every word flows and iys


this personal statement has to be one of the best i have read......i am applying to dentistry this year and this reli helped.

This is the BEST personal

This is the BEST personal statement i have read! go you!! :D


Very impressive!

its a really good personal

its a really good personal statement!! xxx

this is really good..

this is really good..

this personal statement is

this personal statement is really inspiring and I feel so determined to write a personal statement as good as yours now. what university did you finally get into?

Trying too hard mate.

Seriuosly? No-one says stuff like resided. And the first "therefore" should not have been used in that context.







Thank you for the article.

Thank you for the article. Which school was this for? Did you get in?

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