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I first discovered my passion for construction during my national service with the South African Defence Force in 1990 – 1991. During this time, I was trained as a combat engineer and this role included a variety of construction related responsibilities such as bridge building, forward base establishment and the repairing and maintenance of roads and airfields. My passion for construction became most apparent during a humanitarian mission in which I was part of a team that provided an isolated village on the border of Namibia/Angola with vital infrastructure. On completion of our mission, we had established a bridge, power, and fresh water supply in the form of a well which was vital to the running of the local clinic. Being a part of a team that was able to use their knowledge and skills of construction to improve the lives of those in need highlighted one of the many benefits of a career in construction.

Consequently, this experience drove me to work as a construction manager in various countries for Africa Tower Technology Holdings. During this time, I acquired experience in the provision of infrastructure sharing services to the communications industry. Fortunately, whilst overseeing the installation of a full turnkey project in the Republic of Chad, I was promoted to the level of project manager. A benefit of this promotion is that it exposed me to the demands and responsibilities expected of a project manager in the construction industry. Moreover, it was during this period of my career that my desire to pursue higher education began.

However, despite this desire I immigrated to the UK in 2006 where I continued to work at the level of construction manager for 13 years. During this period, I acquired valuable experience in different fields of construction such as urban development and housing. Moreover, a further benefit of this period is that it allowed me to acquire valuable experience of the construction industry from the perspective of a developed nation. Therefore, after nearly 30 years in the construction industry my passion for the subject has led me to enrol on a HNC course in Construction Management at West Lothian College.

My decision to enrol on the HNC course has increased my awareness of how I can improve my skills and knowledge. Some of the areas which I have managed to improve include my administrative and communication skills. Moreover, college has provided me with a more well-rounded perspective of the construction industry and increased my confidence in my academic abilities. Additionally, I have discovered new interests in subjects such as Construction Contracts & Procedures and Architectural Drawing.

I believe my experience in the industry and time at college will serve me well during my studies at university. Moreover, pursuing the subject at degree level will allow me to continue to build on the skills I have already acquired. Additionally, acquiring a degree will allow me to continue my career progression and achieve my goal of becoming a well-qualified construction project manager. Finally, being a mature student has provided me with a greater appreciation of higher education and the benefits there of. Consequently, I look forward to pursuing my degree and expanding my horizons by way of higher education.

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Don't hold back. I want the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm applying for 2nd year at Heriot Watt in Construction Project Management.


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