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The world is constantly changing and the technology which it based too. It's enough to think how every aspect of our life is automated, from business and jobs to the simple aspect of our life like communications to other people all over the world. One needs the other in order to evolve. This strong need equates into a buoyant jobs market for computer science graduates and is one of the main reasons from my decision to study this subject at university.

Since I was a child I had the chance to use a computer. This increased my passion for technology, so that become my passion and my favourite hobby. I still remember the first connection to computer, what they can do how can do these.

In 2015 at the age of 19 I graduated in computer science in Istituto Tecnico di Istruzione Superior Recanati College in Italy. I have acquired knowledge and skills as analyst programmer, web site developers and webmasters, system engineer, technical and network administrator, technical sales. After college I had the possibility to do internship in companies. These companies offer their support to make websites to companies so that they can put their sales marks on those sites and facilitate work through programmes.

After I graduated, I went to work for one of these companies where I worked for 1 year, thus fully understanding the way in which interact with various customers and many businesses in the sector and how, based on this, they create programmes, sites and database management with various programming language including c#, c++, my sql and many other languages.

During that job from which I learnt the marketing of the sector, I decided to put myself on my own. So I created a website for a computer store customer to help him sell computer items even on the internet at affordable prices and also to have many more customers, thanks to the fact that it had more visibility than other computer shopkeepers in the city.

I created that website with that helped me to create it at no cost and payment processing through paypal. But many problems arose when I had to face more request from customers that I didn’t know how to deal with, as more complex web sites with more complex web design and more visibility. I did not know how to solve them because I don’t have such knowledge in this subject. IT security was another important factor that customers demanded me of which I knew very little.

I need to know more about networking and communications technology, business and information systems, interactive/multimedia development. That I need to know to understand thoroughly information technology. I expect to become in future a software engineer or web developer after graduation. I decided to study computing in English, as English is the language of computer science. The programming language themselves from those for hardware to those for software are written in English for each computer. This is the reason why I moved to UK and I am living here.

I choose this university because there’s a higher percentage of students gets job after graduations. This is because the university provide with the same tools and technology that are used by professionals all around the world. One of the most positive aspect of this university is cultural diversity, because there are students and staff form countries of all over the world.

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