Computer Games Programming Personal Statement

I am an enthusiastic person, who has loved computers from a very young age. As I have always enjoyed playing games and learning about the different components.

I would like to pursue a career in the world of computer games. I am currently studying an Information Technology in which I have used Visual Basic in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access. I am also studying an AS level in Citizenship, both subject I really enjoy.

When I've played computer games in the past, I have always wondered how they made the games and from that day forward I knew that I wanted to be able to create games.

Consequently, the computer games programming course stood out as something that I really wanted to do. I would like to see people's enjoyment when playing a game, knowing that I took part in producing it.

I have gained valuable experience of computers from daily life such as helping out at the local youth club where they have a computer room for people who want to learn how to use I.T and to learn about new features of the computer. I have worked in sales where working in sales this has allowed me to meet people from different walks of life. This helped me improve on my communication skills etc.

I am a very passionate, enthusiastic, team player, also other activities like charity, school events, team building exercises like first aid etc. would work to his full potential to succeed in gaining a career in the computer games industry.

I have developed these skills from playing football for the school team where you have to co-operate with everyone in order to win. I like going out with my mates and socialising with different people this gives me a broader understanding of different peoples situations and problems also it helps me to be more prepared mentally if I was ever to be in their situation.

My aim is to become a computer games programmer developing any type of game for PC or console. The reason I am so passionate about computer gaming because I have had and played just about every games console on the market and I want to become a part of this trade. I believe that a university course will help me achieve my goal.

i think it doesnt make a lot of sense and need a bit of help to fix it so let me nw hw i can mak it better
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Computing and IT


we have got similarities ....

we have got similarities .... i think it is a pretty decent personal statement just need some crop and paste for proper formatting.


I have the feeling I read parts of it in another statement.

plagerism much?

I know at least half of that I read on another statement on this site... not only that, at one point, you talk in the 3rd person, what's with that? Not a great statement overall, and I would suggest not using the word 'etc', as not only is it an abreeiviation, it doesn't help them know much about you.

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