Computer networks and network security personal statement

My fascination with Information and communication technology has been the driving factor behind my decision to opt for a degree in Computer networking. As a 16 year old coming from a country where the use of computers were very limited, I found myself in awe on arrival in the UK to find that computers were an everyday item. I immediately developed an interest in how these equipments worked and what made them so efficient to work with. I made the decision to undertake courses that would help broaden my knowledge on the subject.

In the course of my studies, my interest grew from just how computers worked, to Information Technology as whole, leading me to enrol on a Comptia A+ certification course. I learnt how to identify the various components such as the motherboard, RAM, BIOS and processor which makes up a personal computer and the role they play. Assembling all the relevant components, installing the required Operating system and dealing with errors at start up were all parts I enjoyed in the process of building a personal computer.

After gaining some experience, I enrolled on a short Cisco CCNA taster course at my local university, which enabled me to gain some basic concept of networking. Through tutor led classes, self study and team work; I gained valuable knowledge of the various network topologies, cable types and their uses, switches and routers and IP addressing. I also had the chance to implement and configure some basic networks through simulation software such as packet tracer and real Cisco equipment. As a keen problem solver and an individual who enjoys hands on experience, doing the above course gave me the ability to make a decision on which career path to follow.

With a passion to become a network analyst, I went on to study foundation degree in Information and Communication Technology (FdSc ICT) as a mature student at university. In two years, I studied modules such as Database Systems, Visual Programming, Client/Server OS, ICT, E-business and Computer networking. I gained an idea of how dynamic the world of ICT is and also realising how the synergy of the aforementioned modules has been the driving force in the rapid and great advancement in ICT. The computer networking module gave me the chance to go deeper into areas of networking such as, IP classes, subnetting, router and terminal configurations, network mapping, Telnet, the OSI and TCP/IP models, trouble shooting and network security. Even though the course was very demanding, I enjoyed the challenges it brought and was always determined to succeed. However, due to family problems I encountered during studying, I was unable to complete successfully but gained valuable knowledge and transcripts with 180credits as proof of my studies.

Working as a croupier has been an enjoyable experience since I began as a trainee five years ago. I am presently able to deal casino games such as American roulette, Black Jack, Texas and poker. Attention to detail and the ability to keep focused and stay calm whilst working under pressure is an attribute I have developed as croupier.

Keeping fit by going to the gym gives me a sense of fulfilment after a good workout and also the chance to socialise. I also like to play football with friends as well as participate in online football competitions through my Xbox gaming console. I have been a regular participant in the football competition held yearly by my employer for the past five years.

With a passion to become network analyst, I feel I have the determination and knowledge required to undertake and successfully complete a degree in computer networking. I believe having studied extensively into the field of networking and having the privilege of already experiencing life as university student will prepare me for the challenges that lie ahead. I am willing to learn and I believe I have the drive and motivation to make the best out of this opportunity if offered a place.

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