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Russia's lack of protection policies and a high level of government interference make it very difficult to run new business, despite having plenty of economic resources. Both of my parents had their own businesses and I have always looked up to them and wanted to follow them into management. Having read Richard Branson's autobiography he became another inspiration of mine. I admire the way he expanded his business from a small company selling music into the multinational corporation it is today. I was fascinated by the ways companies made themselves stand out by adopting different pricing and marketing techniques and used my findings to turn my hobbies, like photography and fashion, into ways to make profit. I ran a website where I edited and printed postcards of other people's photos and have recently opened my own clothing brand.

The projects allowed me to experience business negotiations when speaking to manufacturers for the production of my products and made me more confident about opening my own business in the future. Having been brought up in a business environment, I have learned that a businessman must have certain qualities. An important skill is the ability to communicate with people from different countries and backgrounds. I have lived in three countries throughout my life and am able to speak three languages. Studying at an international college has also exposed me to many new cultures. A businessman must also excel at public speaking, as it is key for giving presentations and promoting one's product.

I have developed my public speaking ability by taking part, and winning, the French Poetry Recital competition in addition to two Model United Nations projects. Team management is also an essential skill, as one must be able to distribute the workload evenly to each team member. I developed my ability to work in small teams by volunteering at a charity shop, where I learned basic marketing techniques and principles of customer interaction, whilst taking part in boarding skills award taught me about minimising group conflict and ensuring team efficiency. Furthermore, I have taken part in a project which cleaned the Karelian forests of 5 tonnes of waste. The experience of being team leader has taught me how to manage larger groups and the importance of inspiration when things do not go to plan. Having taken part in Young Enterprise, the student investor challenge along with the experience gained from working with my farther on the stock market made me accustomed to working in business environments. I was able to put my experiences to practice when I, along with two other students, designed and ran a three day pop up restaurant at our school.

I enjoyed working at the restaurant a lot, as it was my closest experience to being in charge of a small business. Studying geography made me more aware of the changes and issues that the world is currently facing. The financial centre is quickly moving from the West to Asia, where the population is growing at a huge rate. Danny Dorling's "Population 10 Billion" has explained to me how the increase in population could be managed and how to deal with an increased competition for resources. Completing my geography fieldwork has developed my data handling skills and made me more aware of techniques used to spot trends in the information provided, making me better at analysing data and illustrating my results visually.

Studying math helped me make more accurate estimations and improved my logical thought processing, while participating in the Maths Leadership programme improved my presenting skills and gave me an insight into event planing. Economics has taught me to look at all the available data and make decisions based on evidence as well as instinct. Moreover, learning about Russia's transition away from communism and the challenges of opening a business in a command economy further strengthened my passion to study business, as it is an opportunity many Russians did not have.

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