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Lithuania is a frantic country. It is notorious for hefty suicidal rates, ludicrous per capita alcohol
consumption, far and wide emigration — all of which are supported by the empirical data. That being
said, Lithuania is where I derive from. In lieu of buckling under, constant prejudice hankered me to
confute both me and my skeptics, thus I started my venture into the world of enterprise.

I was introduced to commerce 3 years ago, when my schoolmate gifted me an online racing video game
with a trading system integrated into it. I promptly got fascinated by the idealistic scheme — a voluntary
exchange of goods, that benefits both parties. Mere days later I commenced trading.

After earning the pivotal capital from trading, I ached to advance. Market observations coaxed to a
discernible choice — eBay. Subsequently, I launched an eBay store, in which I sold digital goods.
Throughout the 8 months of transacting, my store has accrued over 700 positive feedback from
divergent consumers worldwide, without a single negative review. Achieving “Top Rated Seller” and
“Power Seller” badges made my sales skyrocket. I made approximately $6000 solely from commerce,
which I later yielded into investments. I have learned a plethora of enterprise-related necessities from
my eBay experience, foremostly — organization and time management. The delivery of virtual assets
required both parties online simultaneously, hence I had to arrange the precise juncture for the
transaction. It was a liability that I am proud I managed with responsibility. eBay took 10% fees from
each sale I made, what urged me to develop an independent online store. Thereupon I formed my own
website. I learned a great deal about web design, and how to gather information pertaining to a specific

When the prodigious upsurge of cryptocurrencies began to occur, I started deliberating on how to make
revenue off it. Incentivized by the theory of the decentralized peer-to-peer ledger known as 'Blockchain',
I invested in bitcoin. It was my latest contribution and a dip of the toe in the uncharted waters
contemporaneously. Such experience made me comprehend the endless corporate realm opportunities,
and that there is no reason to shun digital innovation, other than AI's humankind extirpation.

I am an avid basketball devotee and have won a city's championship with my high school team. I finished
a 7-year music school, playing a Lithuanian national instrument Birbynė and performing in Vilnius city
centre. I am also captivated by international politics and observe discrete debates about controversial
topics such as 'Will there ever be a rapport between the political left and right?'.

There are several preeminent aspects I love about the university's proposed programme. Elaboration in
business research entails the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, whose contrast
comprehension is essential for any business endeavor. Likewise, marketing modules capture an
immense enthusiasm of mine, as they encompass fundamental concepts used in today's advertising.

I aspire to master deliberate risk-taking, and yearn to be a successful entrepreneur. University's
conveniences and like–minded undergraduates would assist my ambition altogether. I am eager to start the course.

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