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Being brought up in Qatar, where expats form 88% of the population, I've always seen people around me rush to banks in order to remit money as soon as their home country's currency value drops.

My interest in the field of Economics and Finance stems from my curiosity into the cause and effect of these fluctuations in financial markets. I believe that the course I have chosen will help me achieve a clear understanding of the subject and its role in society, building upon my current knowledge and understanding in preparation for a successful career in finance.

My fascination towards these disciplines unfolded as I read books such as "Rich Dad Poor Dad", which not only broadened my financial knowledge but also highlighted the sheer significance of financial literacy for success, and the fact that the rich do not work for money but make money work for them.

Researching different financial theories has widened my perspective on certain financial phenomena. I do not fully agree with Malkiel's Random Walk Theory, as whilst future prices of stock may not have any correlation with past price movements, I believe that times have since changed, and most investors now have quick and easy access to news affecting stocks and stock quotes, thereby allowing them to make reasonable predictions for stock prices.

I am an avid follower of world news and find it interesting to contemplate possible economic effects from different affairs around the world. I found the knock-on effects of the 2011 earthquake in Japan intriguing. It put the nation into record trade deficits due to the sudden drop in exports, combined with excessive imports made at that time, to cover up for the losses.

It also slowed down global economic growth, as exports of cars and electronics were suspended as a result of damaged factories and key ports. However, a few unaffected firms gained from higher prices due to the sudden supply block.

I enjoy Physics due to the logical and precise approach that it uses to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Studying Physics has enabled me to solve problems which seem complex at first, but once tackled pave way to immense satisfaction. The fact that Maths is all around us is in itself very fascinating. I relish solving trigonometric problems which require a certain level of foresight and diligence.

I also enjoy calculus, and find it particularly interesting when it is used in a scientific backdrop. Solving such context-based questions made me appreciate the significance of calculus' real world applications. I believe that my problem-solving skills will help me with the numerical, geometrical and logical analysis involved in Finance and Economics.

Through my internship at Ahlibank, I was able to amass quality practical knowledge. I observed and assisted in various departments, and found the treasury particularly interesting. When shadowing the Chief Dealer, I understood the significance of the swift analytical thinking, required by the dealer to make FX deals for the bank's different currency needs. I was tasked with calculating liquidity ratios, ensuring they fell within the limits set by the central bank.

As Head Boy in my previous school, I gained a sense of responsibility and maturity. Making speeches to large audiences and organising events has helped me to develop strong personal skills. Being a part of both the cricket and basketball teams has taught me the importance of perseverance and teamwork, which I believe are not only valuable professional traits but also essential life skills.

I was awarded the All Rounder award for my ability to balance these extra-curricular activities with an excellent academic record. Having changed schools last year, I was able to quickly adapt to my new school environment and excel academically. I firmly believe that this skill will enable me to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities offered by my course, assisting me towards my goal of becoming a successful Financial Analyst.

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