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Archaeology helps us gain a greater insight to the evolution of human civilisation by giving us evidence of the lives of those who came before us. To the many this may be seen as insignificant but to an archaeologist evidence is the source of a greater picture. It is this ability to comprehend a time before ours that holds an interest for me; being able to use scientific methods to discover more about seemingly simple objects and study about the time they come from.

Growing up I found myself captivated by Medieval Britain, when I discovered more about the difficulties of the early medieval times due to the sudden change in climate. For instance; poor living conditions, lack of hygiene, diseases and famine are shown through skeletal analysis as a result of archaeological finds and lab work. Additionally, having access to books on topics such as the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb has allowed me to perceive the effect archaeological finds has had on modern society, allowing me to extend my knowledge of the past.

Visiting Hadrian's Wall was intriguing due to its history and role in Roman Britain defending its empire. This led to my interest in Roman Britannia where I was fascinated to learn how civilisation was changed by the construction of villas, military forts and large towns in comparison to the Iron Age. Recently I visited Vindolanda, here I was able to see first-hand the bases of a military fort and gain a greater understanding of how its layout helped the military run as efficiently as possible. During my time there I was also able to observe some of the excavations whilst being able to learn more about the extensive exertion that goes into preserving documents; from the time they are discovered through to them being documented by inferred photography.

At college I have learned about mass spectrometry; we use this to identify isotopes and understand how that affects chemical properties. Isotope analysis is also widely used in archaeology to answer a wide range of questions surrounding diet and migration. Through research I have been able to learn more about how terrestrial diets of meat and grain tend to display high-nitrogen to low-carbon ratios, whilst high-nitrogen to high-carbon ratios suggest seafood being more dominant. This allows us a greater comprehension of lifestyle, religion and economy at different stages throughout history.

In my spare time I have been taking part in online courses through websites such as Futurelearn, this has enabled me to learn more about archaeology, whilst giving me the means to discuss topics with other people. Also, I have learned about the often more omitted parts of archaeology: the planning, research and surveying before and after excavation takes place. I am also taking part in an Extended Project Qualification which is allowing me to improve my research, planning and evaluation skills.

In college I volunteer as an Xtra; this involves helping out on open day. By doing this I have been able to improve my confidence in both presenting information and receiving it from others. Furthermore, I have attended dance lessons from a young age, this has helped me understand the importance of persevering in order to be successful at something. For four years I have volunteered at my dance studio and this has given me the chance to be more responsible whilst also improving my teamwork skills as I work with other teachers to allow students to fulfil their potential.

By studying archaeology I will be able to discover and research about history by analysing evidence found from historic lives and contribute in the further expansion of what we already know.

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