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I have held an interest in archaeology for some years which has stemmed from reading about topics such as ancient Greece and Troy as well as ancient Rome and Egypt at primary school. I have always found it intriguing how the discoveries of information and artefacts from sites such as this have raised awareness about the importance and value of archaeology and I am fascinated by how archaic cultures, findings and inventions have influenced our modern lives.

I have been interested in the discovery of ancient cultures and how we learn about them since I studied the Greeks, Romans and Vikings in primary school and subsequently acquired a host of books on Greek, Roman and Viking history. I found this gave me a great insight into the rudiments of these early cultures and I went on to find out all I could on the subjects. I also enjoy reading about other periods in ancient history: the Assyrians, Egyptians and, what has become my favourite, the Mesopotamian and Babylonian empires.

Another aspect of archaeology I enjoy is the medieval period, and this has led me to visit several sites that not only include medieval history, but also date back hundreds of years before, including Bamburgh and Alnwick Castles in Northumbria, Warwick castle, the Tower of London and also closer to home sites like Conisbrough Castle and Monk Bretton Priory.

I have also visited lots of museums to learn more about how archaeology can change our perception of history. Places such as the Jorvik museum tour really helped me to better understand the Viking way of life. I was fascinated by the idea that one excavation could alter so many previous assumptions about the Viking ways and customs. I also have an interest in the archaeology of Ancient Egypt. I believe there is so much more to uncoverabout this once great culture than we have already found, especially as new truths about Egypt are always being discovered, such as how the pyramids were built and how the Egyptians buried their dead. This topic is something that I would be eager to know more about throughreading and study.

Since leaving school I have been working in construction as a carpenter. The income from this allowed me visit many places abroad, Pompeii and Herculaneum, Knossos and the Minoan ruins of Crete as well as places of interest in cities such as Paris, London and Madrid, each housing magnificent museums, churches and castles. In my spare time I am an avid reader of which I enjoy factual history and biographies. I also enjoy rock climbing, mountaineering and other outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, sailing and snorkelling.

Throughout my time in study plus the time I spent on site in employment, I have acquired a broad range of skills which I know will help me to succeed on a degree course, these include: self-motivation and the ability to motivate others in my team, excellent time management, excellent verbal communication, patience, dedication and commitment. Through my studies at Northern College I have vastly improved my essay writing skills through the academic skills section of the course and by undertaking History and Politics assignments, I have learned how to analyse specific points more accurately by studying English Literature while additionally studying a more creative elementthrough Film Studies. I am also studying GCSE Maths in order to obtain a higher grade than I have at the present time.

By studying on this course I feel I will be able to greatly expand my knowledge of ancient cultures and their history and learn how they worked. I will also be able to develop my skills in research, analysis andcritical thinking which will put me in a good position for employment, gain flexible skillsand the ability to apply them to different situations. My goal is to learn more aboutdiscoveries of ancient cultures and I would love to play a part in unearthing them.

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