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What excites me about archaeology is the excitement and anticipation from finding those missing pieces of the jigsaw that make up our past. My earliest recollection of archaeology was from 10 years ago when my parents took me on holiday to the Greek island of Kos and whilst there, we visited the Asklepion ruins, and I was amazed by what had remained from Greek times.

Being told this place was thousands of years old and that people had worked and lived there fascinated me, and from that moment on I wanted to find out more about how it was possible to discover so much about the past.

This began my passion for archaeology. My interest has been further fuelled as I visited numerous other archaeological sites and historical areas over the years, such as the Hardknott Pass Roman Fort. I find it incredible that, by using archaeology and examining even the smallest fragments, the nature of each building can be determined, when there is only a shallow wall visible above the ground.

In particular, I'm most interested in the "hands-on" aspect of archaeology, the digging and discovering of artifacts. Additionally I'm really looking forward to being out in the field and being able to travel and discover the secrets of different places.

To increase my knowledge I have read a number of books but my favourites are, 'Britain AD' and 'Britain BC' by Francis Pryor and 'Techniques of Archaeological Excavation' by Philip Barker. It is my ambition to continue my higher education to get a Masters or a PhD, ultimately to become a university lecturer or museum curator.

Most Saturdays, I am a volunteer worker at Flag Fen, Britain's Bronze Age Centre. Based in the Heritage Centre, my responsibilities have included explaining the site and its history to visitors, and I'm currently involved with the archiving of site's photo's and artifacts.

At my secondary school I achieved the Junior Sports Leadership Award from the teaching of team games to children of a local Primary School and I was chosen to be a school prefect. I was part of my school's netball, hockey and athletics team and participated in various inter house competitions.

Whilst at 6th Form I have become my tutor group's student voice representative on the school council and I also spend some of my lunchtimes supervising younger pupils. I am also currently part of team for promoting Lincolnshire to the younger generation and the Team for Promoting Road Safety. I have also been part of the Grammar School Ladies Rugby Team since joining the school.

Aside from my studies and school activities I have strong interests in reading, sports, music and travel. I enjoy reading a variety of books, ranging from historical biographies to fictional fantasy. As well as being a member of my school's rugby team, I have also been a player in the Gosberton Poachers, a local hockey team and I am an active member of a successful ten pin bowling team.

I enjoy traveling and have been to many different countries, including Spain, France and Greece, and I always make particular effort to learn as much of the local language as I can. At the moment I am learning Italian. Furthermore with an interest in music, I'm learning to play the guitar and in the past I have played tenor horn in a brass band and sung in various choirs.

I have an inquisitive mind, and am extremely interested in archaeology and will work hard to achieve my goals. The prospect of university life excites me and I know the opportunities presented to me and the experiences will be invaluable. University will help me further develop as a person, to become fully independent and fulfil my dreams.

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Grammar is a bit odd in some

Grammar is a bit odd in some places but otherwise brilliant :)

Very good statement. Just a

Very good statement. Just a little thing that bugged me in the first line "excites me about archaeology is the excitement".So the excitement excites you?A bit repetitive but if you change that it would be ok.

Very Good!

Very Good!


I really enjoyed reading this.
It's an ace piece of work.
Good job bbz. :] x

that's scary, Is this person

that's scary, Is this person me? I do volunteer work for flag fen and my favorite archaeology books are the same

Little freaked out

Good statement!

A good read, well done!

This PS seems slighty over

This PS seems slighty over rehearsed... It doesnt sound very personal at all I did this + this = this I think this needs more emotion. Also I think there should be more examples of books read 'fictional fantasy' covers about half of the literature in the world - anyone could write that.
Otherwise Good PS ;)

36 lines?

I counted 36 lines, and you have a possible 47 to fill, right?! So add some more details about you! Show that you understand that archaeology requires a lot of lab work: carbon dating/ pollen analysis/ mass spectometry etc. And show how your hobbies/interests have given you life skills that you can translate to your uni course and be an asset to your department. Then it'll be perfect! Well don already- good luck at uni! x

In your personal statement

In your personal statement aren't you supposed to write about what you've learnt in college/sixth form and how it could help you at Uni and what skills could help you ?

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