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My passion for Biology started in year 10 when I realised that health is central to everything, which is why I want to study Biomedical Sciences. I find it fascinating how body systems interrelate and are interdependent.

An interesting topic I found is the study of metabolism; how the body converts food into energy, and how eating the right foods is critical for the body as it allows you to do everything from moving to growing.

I have understood the importance of blood in the body as it passes oxygen and nutrients to the body so that everything functions properly. Blood can be cause for significant debate from a biomedical ethics perspective, as some cultural and religious groups' beliefs do not allow blood transfusion. For example, in the recent case of a teenage Jehovah's Witness who has sickle cell anaemia, the court ruled that she had to have the transfusion as she is a child and cannot refuse medical treatment.

I greatly enjoy my current BTEC level 3 course. During the school lockdown, I carried out additional reading about the structure and function of body organs and systems and how they are important for a person's holistic health and wellbeing. An example is disorders of the pancreas, which can cause issues with insulin used in the body, resulting in mood swings as well as other physiological disorders such as diabetes.

What I am currently enjoying in anatomy and physiology is about homeostasis. If an individual is feeling too hot, they will get hyperthermia and if the individual is too cold they would get hypothermia. Having your body temperature too high or too low can result in symptoms which can have potentially damaging effects over time, for example high blood pressure. I have enjoyed learning about different chronic and acute disorders of the body systems and different treatments and management of these.

After finishing my GCSEs I completed work experience in a primary school and pharmacy. I worked with children in Year 5, developing my knowledge and skills by helping students who had trouble with reading and comprehension. Many children faced a common difficulty of having illegible handwriting, I supported them by creating handwriting tasks.

I initially found it difficult to explain new ideas and concepts to the children as I often repeated myself, however I learnt that I needed to adapt my communication, pace and tone to the needs of others which showed me the importance of patience and being adaptive. In the pharmacy I learnt many transferable skills, for example how to communicate with service users who were frustrated or had complaints.

This helped me with my confidence in speaking to people and dealing with people who may present challenging behaviour. Another responsibility I had was organising medications, which helped with my organisational skills and attention to details as mistakes could have led to health and safety issues.

This is important as you have to be organised when working in a lab to make sure there are no mistakes. I also had to keep the pharmacy tidy to assist the pharmacists when they were looking for certain medication and ensure they could find them efficiently and accurately.

I enjoy extra curricular activities like sports as I find it a great stress reliever. In Year 9 I joined police cadets, where I learnt many new skills such as how to diffuse difficult social situations, and built my teamwork skills when playing sports such as dodgeball and basketball.

Working as a team is important in the course I want to study as I will be working in a lab with others. I am a great team player evidenced in my love of team sports however, I can also be self directed and work well independently. My varied knowledge, skills and experiences have prepared me well for an undergraduate degree and I look forward to developing them further at your university.

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Westminster, UEL, Middlesex, London Metropolitan and Kingston

Got a unconditional offer from UEL and a conditional offer from the rest of the unis :)


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