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Looking now at my old encyclopedia collection I intriguingly and mostly find The Human Anatomy ones. I recall that at times I would use the so called “pester power” in the name of having all of the Human Anatomy encyclopedias ever to exist. Since early childhood I have been interested in the human`s inner organization and how we have turned out to be operating nearly to perfection and being able to stand out through the evolutionary variety of so many species. Fortunately, my needs of knowledge were met fully by the professionals of the High school of mathematics and natural sciences “Nikola Obreshkov”. There I found a ton of incredible teachers that were able to motivate and inspire me even more. I took part in all of their afterschool seminars and learning summer camps in which the knowledge given throughout the week was practically and theoretically deepened. My Biology teacher Mrs Penka Turdanova even organised us a meeting with professional who deals with in vitro reproduction of plants. We were given the opportunity to try the technique ourselves, unfortunately, it did not go as well as it should have been, but it was a great memorabilia which helped us to admire the Living matter even more.

I wanted to know more about the work which Biology offered therefore some friends and I asked in our local hospital to volunteer in their laboratory. The hospital authorities were happy to help us and they let us assist the analysts two times a week. We were often asked to fill in the patients` information in the database and secretly permitted to peek through the microscopes and see different bacteria and cells. Even though we had to cease our visits as the hospital was being renovated I was immensely grateful as this experience even more strengthened my deepest desire to spend my life studying and searching for the answers of so many unsolvable questions. For these immensely memorable experiences I was able to realize that studying and working in the sake of science and Life is my sole aim. By entering the Biomedical sciences course I believe I would certainly increase my knowledge and abilities in order to become a very productive professional.

Personally, I feel strongly that in order to maintain the brain you should always try to provoke and test its abilities. For this believing I was a regular participant in all of the annual Biology and Chemistry Olympiads and competitions. Last year I managed to enter the National competition of Chemistry and succeeded to get the required assessment with which I am able to enter certain university courses in some Bulgarian universities without further examination. Unfortunately, these courses are not in my career development interest.

My personal interests do not end just with the science. I am also very keen to the performing arts. The theatre and the stage are my second biggest excitements. I have tried the fruit from quite a bit staging arts. Firstly I was interested in ballroom dances, I have played the piano (and I still can) and finely the most appealing to me were the theatre and folk dances. As the folk dances of my country are very colourful and full of life I was fully attracted by their vitality therefore I am part of our local folk dance ensemble with which we have showed our performances in many European countries as well as in the land of the rising sun – Japan.

My participation in the ensemble have taught me to teamwork and appreciation, this qualities I consider very important because a lot of the scientific approaches and inventions are made through various in size and content teams of scientists. My experience with the theatre was in the school competitions in which we had to perform a certain piece. In the preparation process in which I took my part as a director and performer, I was convinced that my leadership abilities are on a proper level as I took the prize for Best director, Best male actor and for the whole performance we took the Special prize in all three years of the contest. My love for the theatre I connect with the love of the Living matter, because by performing I feel as I am giving Life to a character written just on a piece of paper.
In conclusion, I am confident that would do my best to contribute positively to the university`s as well as my own image. I would try to continue my scientific progress and the development of my other talents.

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